Jakarta EE at JavaOne 2022

JavaOne in Las Vegas is just a couple of weeks away. As it turns out, Jakarta EE will have a pretty good presence at the conference. My three Jakarta EE-themed sessions are:

  • Jakarta EE BOF [BOF4038]
    Tuesday, October 18 at 18:45
  • Jakarta EE 10: Simplicity for Modern and Lightweight Cloud Applications [LRN3693]
    Wednesday, October 19 at 15:45
  • The Jakarta EE Panel [LRN3679]
    Thursday, October 20 at 14:30

Make sure to check out all the other Jakarta EE sessions listed in the session catalog. A lot of great topics by great speakers!

On Wednesday, October 19 between 10:00 and 12:00, I will be in the Hackergarten with the Eclipse Starter for Jakarta EE project. Please join me there to work on the https://start.jakarta.ee/. If you are unfamiliar with Open Source and/or the Eclipse Foundation, I will help you get started. This is an excellent way of kick-starting your career within open source.

If you are like me and enjoy a morning run before the conference, then you’re in good company. Please join us for the JavaOne Run (aka Duke’s Morning Run) on Wednesday, October 19 at 06:00. Chad will take us on a 4-mile (6.5km) morning run at a relaxed pace to the new Las Vegas sign and back on the North side of the Las Vegas strip. Check out the details of this, and all the other community activities in the JavaOne Update Series.


JConf Dev 2022 (aka DEEP. DISH. JAVA.) felt like a smaller version of Devnexus. It sure has the potential to grow into something more prominent once the fine citizens of Chicago discover what they missed out on in 2022. Stay tuned for 2023, and make sure to grab your ticket before it is sold out!

Besides enjoying the culinary treats of Chicago (i.e. deep dish pizza), I also had a talk titled Jakarta EE 10 – Simplicity for Modern and Lightweight Cloud Applications on the second day of the conference. You can check out the slides below.

I always try to get a morning run when I am at conferences. As does Emily, so when we’re at the same conference we usually go for a run together. In Chicago, we met up at 6:30 every day for a run along Lake Michigan.

JakartaOne Livestream 2022 CFP is OPEN

The Call-for-Paper for JakartaOne Livestream 2022 is now open. As in previous years, this will be a one-day virtual conference that focuses on technologies evolving around Jakarta EE. The event will happen on December 6, 2022.

The CFP will close on October 17, 2022. This year’s program committee will be doing rolling acceptance, so don’t wait until the last minute to submit. Early submissions have a better chance of getting accepted.

Submit your abstract now

You are probably all sick and tired of virtual events, and by now got the taste of what you have been missing from physical events. But, JakartaOne Livestream is one you don’t want to miss! I will actually go as far as saying if you’re speaking at one virtual event this year, it should be JakartaOne Livestream.

Previous Editions

JavaZone 2022

It is always pleasant to come back to my home country, even if I get a complete language meltdown as soon as I cross the border. Good thing Java is the common language 🙂

JavaZone draws a big crowd. 2500 developers at this year’s edition. Food is served in the exhibition hall throughout the day, so there are always a lot of people there. Definitely, a concept other conferences should consider if the facilities allow it.

My talk Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature was scheduled for Thursday morning. It gathered a decent crowd despite the Awezone party going on into the late hours on Wednesday. All the Jakarta EE T-shirts, coasters, mouse pads, and screen wipes were handed out to the attendees. And stickers of course, always stickers!

JakartaOne Livestream 2022 – Save the Date

The planning for this Year’s JakartaOne Livestream is about to start. Make sure to mark December 6, 2022, in your calendars!

Program Committee

We will soon start the work of putting together a program committee that will be responsible for reaching out to speakers and selecting talks. If you are interested in participating in this work, now is an excellent time to reach out to Tanja or me so we are made aware of your interest.


JakartaOne Livestream 2022 will be virtual, that’s for sure. And it will most likely be a 12-hour show to accommodate most time zones. If you have any input regarding this, now is an excellent time to reach out to Tanja or me to tell us.


We usually choose a theme for JakartaOne Livestream. And we use this theme for a competition among the community members. The themes so far have been cake, cupcake, and pizza. It seems like there is a food theme for the themes, so I guess we should continue in that spirit this year as well. Any suggestions for what it should be? Now is an excellent time to reach out to Tanja or me to let us know.


Of course, there will be swag!

Save the Date

$ jshell
|  Welcome to JShell -- Version 18
|  For an introduction type: /help intro

jshell> import java.time.LocalDate

jshell> var jakartaOneLivestream = LocalDate.of(2022,12,6)
jakartaOneLivestream ==> 2022-12-06


EclipseCon 2022 Registration is open

The registration for EclipseCon 2022 is open. This year’s EclipseCon will take place in Ludwigsburg, Germany from October 24 to October 27.

There are some great Jakarta EE talks for you to attend! Also, remember to browse the complete program as there may be other topics that you will find interesting as well.

Here are a couple of arguments you can use if you need to convince your boss to be allowed to go to EclipseCon 2022:

  • Inspiration – get inspired by attending talks by some of the greatest speakers in the community
  • Network – meet and mingle with committers from all of the Eclipse Foundation projects
  • Learn – listen to domain experts
  • Master – participate in the hands-on-labs, or contribute to open source projects in the hackerspace
  • Discuss – use the opportunity to discuss issues from your daily work with other community members in the hallway

We Are Developers World Congress 2022

We Are Developers in Berlin is a massive event! It’s been a long time since I have been among so many people in one place. This would be considered a big crowd even by pre-pandemic standards.

My talk Get Ready for Jakarta EE 10 was scheduled as one of the first talks on the opening day of the conference. It was well attended, and those I talked with after the talk were happy and appreciated it.

We Are Developers is a polyglot event catering to a larger crowd than the usual more Java-focused events. Still, there were a lot of familiar faces. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

One advantage of having a conference in a big city like Berlin is that there are loads of options for what to do when not present at the venue. I spent a couple of hours in the Berlin Zoo before my flight home, and there I came across this fellow. Is it Duke in disguise? Has he lost his red nose? After a closer look, I can assure you that Duke is fine, and this is just a baby panda enjoying a nice chunk of bamboo for breakfast.

JNation 2022

JNation is an awesome, community-focused conference located in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal! More than 800 attendees showed up for this one-day event. You can see a majority of them up on stage after the opening keynote in the image below.

This time, I was accompanied by Tanja on stage. In our talk titled Jakarta EE 10 and Beyond, we gave an overview of a selection of specifications included in Jakarta EE 10, as well as a sneak peek into what to expect from Jakarta EE 11.

Take a look at the slides from the talk if you missed out on our session.

Java Day Istanbul 2022

As I promised in Hashtag Jakarta EE #126, here is a short recap of my weekend in Istanbul and Java Day Istanbul 2022. The eighth edition of this conference had an online part on Friday, whereas the main conference day was in-person on Saturday.

Traffic in Istanbul can be a challenge on weekdays, so it is a good strategy to have the conference on a Saturday.

I did a talk titled Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature where I went through the new features introduced in Jakarta EE 10. I demoed a couple of the features, including the new API for Build Compatible Extensions in CDI 4.0 lite.

Java Day Istanbul is a community-oriented conference that is supported by the Istanbul Java User Group. It is well organized and features a great lineup of speakers and content. It was my first time speaking in Istanbul, and I surely hope it won’t be the last.

GeeCON 2022

This was my first time speaking at GeeCON. It is a yearly three-day conference in Kraków, Poland, with around 700 participants. This was the 12th edition of the conference. There were three parallel tracks. My talk titled Jakarta EE 10 is Coming YOUR Way, was on the second day of the conference.

Even after 15+ years of performing live demos on stage, it still baffles me when a demo that was not supposed to work, works perfectly fine when run on the big screen… And since GeeCON is in a cinema complex, the screens are really huge.

In the morning before my talk, Otavio and I had a lovely morning run before breakfast along the Vistula river. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the pig floating on the river behind us. Explanations of what it symbolizes differ, just google “Weird Poland” and see if you can figure it out…