A Little Status Update

My schedule for the upcoming months are beginning to fill up as a result of submitting talks to a lot of CFPs during summer. The scheduled talks so far are:

There are still some room, so if you are organizing a conference and need talks to fill up, feel free to contact me. My profile on Lanyrd is kept updated at all time.

But first of all I am going to JavaOne! This year as an attendee, so it is all about networking, community building and interesting technical sessions and keynotes.


Upcoming Talks

I think time is due for a small update post. Right now I am preparing code samples and slides for the upcoming talks this winter:

  • Javaforum, Gothenburg – Spring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?
  • Software 2014, Oslo – Organizing for Continuous Delivery
  • JavaLand 2014, Brühl – Spring 4, Java EE 7 or Both? and Implementing Batch Processing in Java EE 7

My profile at Lanyrd is also kept up-to-date.

Views From a Speaker at JDD 2013

JDD 2013

I have just come home after spending three amazing days in Krakow as one of the speakers at the Java Developer Days Conference there. The organizers of this conference takes well care of their speakers and you feel welcome all the time. And I am sure the attendees feel the same.

Apart from my talk, my greatest achievement at the conference was to win a a signed copy of Practical API Design by implementing a simple application using bck2brwser. My contribution: Duke2Brwser. Hope this may inspire you to try it out. Just activate the HTML/Java Project Support plugin in NetBeans and go ahead!

JavaOne 2013 – It’s a Wrap

I have to admint that my last post about JavaOne was just a trick to get a free t-shirt from the OTN booth.

This was the first time I attended since Oracle took over the show from Sun and they are doing a great job at it. The quality of the sessions were excellent and the organizers did a great job in making everything go smoothly.

This year’s JavaOne was special to me since I was attending the conference as a speaker. Some pictures and stats of my session below.


Some statistics
Pre-registered Attendees (249 people)
Session Attendence (170 people)
Survey Results (11 surveys)
– 73% felt that the session increased their knowledge of the subject
– Overall technical value of session 4.0 (max 5.0)