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Everybody else are blogging, so I thought I might give it a try. When searching for an available domain for my blog, I found that agilejava.eu was vacant. Since I am interested in both agile development methods and Java in general, this was an excellent fit.I do not know yet what this blog will focus on, but I think that I will start with thoughts on agile development and tool support for Java projects specifically. But, who knows, maybe it will land on something completely different. Enjoy!

Some words about me

I believe Agile Devlopment Practices is the way to go if we are going to increase the success rate of software projects. I have been working with Java ever since it was launched in the mid 90’s and have gained a thorough understanding of the language itself and related technologies. As a Sun Certified Professional (SCEA, SCBCD, SCJP) I try to spread the knowledge of Java in the local community. I am also member of the Java Community Process and part of the Expert Groups for JSR 371 and JSR 375.

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  1. Hello Ivar, I am very interested in using MVC 1.0. I have found about 3 hits on google for how to use it. Basically:

    class Asdf {
    public String compute_something() {

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