Hashtag Jakarta EE #179

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventy-nine of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Planning for Jakarta EE 11 continues. There was a rush of requests for plan review submitted this week. At the moment, the specifications that are planning an update for Jakarta EE 11 are:

Jakarta Authentication 3.1
Jakarta Authorization 3.0
Jakarta Concurrency 3.1
Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
Jakarta Faces 5.0
Jakarta Pages 4.0
Jakarta Persistence 3.2
Jakarta RESTful Web Services 4.0 (*)
Jakarta Security 4.0
Jakarta Servlet 6.1
Jakarta WebSocket 2.2

Jakarta Data 1.0 (*)
Jakarta NoSQL 1.0 (*)
Jakarta MVC 3.0

Those marked with (*) already have approved plans, so a plan review is not necessary for this release. Also note that Jakarta Data, Jakarta NoSQL, and Jakarta MVC are currently standalone specifications being discussed for inclusion in the Platform. Out of these three, my guess is that Jakarta Data is the one most likely to be included. There is an issue in the Jakarta EE Platform issue tracker to capture the discussion around this. Please do chime in if you have an opinion about it. Following this discussion, there will most likely be a formal vote on the Jakarta EE mailing list.

Last week’s trip to JPrime 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria was the last of four conferences I spoke at in May. Summer is approaching, and conference season is starting to wind down. My next conference will be GOTO Amsterdam at the end of June. While I am there, I will also speak at the Amsterdam JUG. More details will follow when the details are carved out.

JPrime 2023

JPrime is a very friendly conference that is a pleasure to speak at. This year it attracted around 1250 attendees, and with two parallel tracks, all speakers get a decent crown in their presentations.

The venue is great, with an outdoor area to escape the crowds in the exhibition area and enjoy the Sofia sun in between sessions.

My talk Modern and Lightweight Cloud Application Development with Jakarta EE 10 went well. I had a lot of demos and even added an extra demo right before the talk. Check out the slides on SpeakerDeck.

No conference without #runWithJakartaEE. JPrime was no exception. We had a morning run before each of the two conference days in addition to the day after the conference. The runners were Yarden, Emily, Grace, Heinz, Tagir, and me as you can see in the gallery below.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #178

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventy-eight of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The due date for submitting plan reviews for specifications that are candidates for Jakarta EE 11 is May 30. And that date is fast approaching! The pull requests for those that are ready are labeled as Plan Review in the Jakarta EE Specification Committee’s GitHub repository.

A great way to get involved in specification work is to participate in the discussions happening in the GitHub issue trackers for the various specifications. An example is the discussion about HTTP status codes going on in Jakarta REST. Please chime in if you have an opinion or any relevant industry experience that can help guide the decision.

May is a busy month for conferences. Next week, I am going to Sofia to speak at JPrime 2023. It’s been a while since I was at JPrime, so I am very much looking forward to it! Check out the cool speaker promo they created for me.

Relax, I won’t bug you with the link to the course I created for LinkedIn in every Hashtag Jakarta EE, but bear with me for a while. If you are new to Jakarta EE or just want to complete a course for the Jakarta EE skill on LinkedIn, I have just published an overview course of Jakarta EE on LinkedIn Learning. Check it out, and tell me what you think!

Infoshare 2023

This was my second time speaking at Infoshare in Gdańsk, Poland. The conference is pretty huge. Rumor has it they were expecting more than 6500 participants over two days, and the exhibition floor was absolutely massive!

With a focus on startups, investors, marketers, and the like, the audience on the DEV JAVA stage was, as expected, a little limited. Most of the stages, DEV JAVA included, were located in the exhibition hall. The sound system was pretty good, so it was not really a problem for the attendees to follow a talk. But as a speaker, it is very disturbing with all that background noise.

Anyway, my talk Migrating from Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 – What’s Jakarta EE Got To Do With It? went well. You can see the slides here.

The most important track at any conference is the hallway track where you meet and network with new and old friends in the community. As depicted by Iris Classon, Reza Rahman, Adam Bien, Gerrit Grunwald, and myself here.

The hotel where most of the speakers stayed was located close to a park that is perfect for running. True to tradition, I invited everyone that wanted to join me in exchange for a Jakarta EE running T-shirt. This time Grzegorz Pinowarek joined me for a real forest trail experience in the woods.

Check out my Instagram account for more pictures from Infoshare and other conferences I speak at.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #177

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventy-seven of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

It is only a little over a week until the plan reviews are due for the component specifications. You can check out the content of the reviews in the pull requests labeled Plan Review in the Jakarta EE Specification Committee Issue Tracker on GitHub.

For an overview of the ingredients that are currently being discussed for inclusion in Jakarta EE 11, check out the issues labeled EE11 in the Jakarta EE Platform Issue Tracker on GitHub. Also, make sure to check out the minutes from the weekly Jakarta EE Platform Project calls.

As I mentioned last week, I have spent this week at home. On Tuesday next week, I am headed to Gdańsk in Poland for Infoshare 2023 where I will present how to migrate from Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 focusing on how to handle the various scenarios involving the javax.* to jakarta.* namespace change made in Jakarta EE 9.

If you are new to Jakarta EE, or just want to complete a course for the Jakarta EE skill on LinkedIn, I have just published an overview course of Jakarta EE on LinkedIn Learning. Check it out, and tell me what you think!

Hashtag Jakarta EE #176

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventy-six of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

I am back from my trip to Devoxx UK, and this time I will enjoy 10 days at home before heading off to Gdańsk to speak at Infoshare 2023. I had a talk there in 2021 as well, so it will be my second time speaking at this conference.

The work on producing a release plan for Jakarta EE 11 continues. The call to action for all individual component specifications is to have a plan ready for review by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee by May 30. Find the details in this email from Ed Burns to the Jakarta EE Specification Project Lead mailing list.

Don’t mix business with pleasure, or was it politics with open source? In the case of the proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) by the European Union, this may be an exception. Check out the article EU’s Cyber Resilience Act contains a poison pill for open source developers in The Register. While you’re at it check out Product Liability Directive: More Bad News for Open Source by Mike Milinkovich to see why you should care about what the politicians in Brussels are cooking up these days.

Devoxx UK 2023

The 10th edition of Devoxx UK was just as awesome as the previous ones. Even with train strikes looming over London, the attendance was, by my guesstimate, somewhere around 1200. This was my fourth speaking appearance at the conference since 2016, It is always a pleasure coming back to London and Devoxx UK!

My talk Modern and Lightweight Cloud Application Development with Jakarta EE 10 was on Thursday, the second day of the conference. It was well attended and I had some great discussions following the demos I included. The slides from the talk are available on SpeakerDeck.

The rest of the conference was spent attending talks by the amazing speaker lineup, talking to exhibitors, and engaging with the community. The annual DevRoxx party is also a favorite.

Kicking off the conference day with an early morning run is something I have been advocating for a long time. The usual distance for these morning runs are around 5K Here is a picture of Olena and I on London Bridge at the halfway-point of our morning, the distance to the Thames and back made it into a 10K run this morning. London is bigger than you’d think!

Hashtag Jakarta EE #175

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventy-five of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

I am home from an absolutely amazing Devoxx Greece 2023! The 1200 of you that were there know what I am talking about. But don’t despair if you weren’t able to attend this conference. A new opportunity comes up already next week in London. If you haven’t signed up for Devoxx UK 2023 yet, do so with the 25% discount code SEEMESPEAK23.

I will be presenting Modern and Lightweight Cloud Application Development with Jakarta EE 10 on Thursday. On the flight back home from Athens yesterday, I decided to spice up this talk with a demo using Spring Boot 2 and Spring Boot 3 to show how closely connected this technology is with Jakarta EE.

In the monthly Jakarta EE Platform Architecture call this week, we discussed the release planning of Jakarta EE 11. The first milestone in the plan is to gather the plans from all individual component specification projects. This is done according to the JESP in the form of Plan Reviews. We want these plan reviews in by May 30, 2023, so they can be started at the latest on May 31, 2023.

I have finally succumbed to the pressure and decided to add Instagram to my social media channels. Better late than never maybe? Anyway, I have been sparsely on Instagram before, so you may find some old accounts lingering around, but to give this a new fresh start, I created a new profile named ivargrimstad_official. Feel free to follow me and interact with me there. My intention is to post pictures from activities I’m a part of related to Jakarta EE, but as always, I suspect there will be some totally unrelated content as well.

Devoxx Greece 2023

Devoxx Greece 2023 was the first time Devoxx was arranged in Greece. The conference has been around for a couple of years as Voxxed Days Athens and stepped up to become a part of the Devoxx family this year. The 1200 attendees show that this was the right step to take. About 25 percent of the attendees came from other countries making it a true international conference.

The venue is very flexible and was just about right-scaled for this year’s number of attendees. With the option of taking more and bigger rooms in use, it has the possibility to scale for future events.

I had a packed room with standing room only for my talk titled Develop Modern and Lightweight Cloud Applications with Jakarta EE 10.

Thanks to Donald Raab for taking this photo of me in front of the Acropolis during the walking tour that was organized for the speakers that arrived the day before the conference.

Jakarta EE Developer Survey

Already got enough T-shirts, you say? Well, I will tell you a secret…You can never have enough T-shirts! And here’s an opportunity to get an exclusive one. It is as simple as this: Complete the 2023 Jakarta EE Developer Survey to enter the draw for a T-shirt!

The 2023 edition of the Jakarta EE Developer Survey is open until May 25, 2023. The date keeps getting closer and closer, so don’t wait! Spend a couple of minutes now to provide valuable insights.