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ConferenceLocationTopic (video/slides/description)Date
CodeMash 2022Sandusky, USAJakarta EE 10 is Coming Your Way2021-01-xx
jconf.dev 2021Chicago, USAA Closer Look at Jakarta EE 102021-12-xx
JakartaOne Livestream 2021onlineHost2021-12-07
JVM-CON 2021onlineApplied Domain-Driven Design Blueprints for Jakarta EE2021-12-01
J-Fall 2021Ede, NetherlandsJakarta EE 10 is Coming Your Way2021-11-04
Devoxx UK 2021London, UKJakarta EE Core Profile2021-11-xx
EclipseCon 2021onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2021-10-27
EclipseCon 2021onlineJakarta EE Community State of the Union2021-10-25
Infoshare 2021Gdańsk, PolandA Closer Look at Jakarta EE 102021-10-14
JCON 2021onlineJakarta Security2021-10-07
JCON 2021onlineJakarta EE Core Profile2021-10-07
CH Open Business LunchonlineA Closer Look at Jakarta EE 102021-09-30
DWX 2021onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2021-06-30
JOnConf 2021onlineBeyond Jakarta EE 92021-06-24
JOnConf 2021onlinePanel: Enterprise Java2021-06-24
J4K 2021onlineJakarta EE Core Profile2021-06-09
IBM Think 2021onlineCloud Native Java2021-05-11
Foojay Virtual JUG Tour 2021onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2021-04-15
JPoint 2021onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2021-04-15
JakartaOne Livestream – Russian 2021onlineKeynote: Jakarta EE2021-03-31
JavaLand 2021onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2021-03-16
JavaLand 2021onlinePanel: Jakarta EE2021-03-16
JavaLand 2021onlineOpenDDR and Jakarta MVC2021-03-17
Jfokus 2021onlineModerator2021-02-09
FOSDEM 2021onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2121-02-06
Java2DaysonlineOpenDDR and Jakarta MVC2020-12-22
J-FALL 2020onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2020-11-05
JCON 2020onlineEnd-to-End Portable Microservices2020-10-28
Jfokus Brown Bag LunchonlineEnd-to-End Portable Microservices2020-10-27
EclipseCon 2020onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2020-10-20
J4K 2020onlineEnd-to-End Portable Microservices2020-10-14
Jakarta Tech TalkonlineJakarta MVC2020-09-16
Java Day Istanbul 2020onlineMicroProfile Hands-on-Lab2020-09-12
GIDS Australia 2020onlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2020-09-03
Jetbrains webinaronlineJakarta EE 9 and Beyond2020-08-20
IBM Think 2020onlineMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2020-05-06
ConFoo 2020Montreal, CanadaEnd-to-End Portable Microservices2020-02-26
ConFoo 2020Montreal, CanadaMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2020-02-27
Devnexus 2020Atlanta, USAWhat’s going on with Jakarta EE2020-02-21
CodeMash 2020Sandusky, USAMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2020-01-09
Java2Days 2019Sofia, BulgariaMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2019-12-11
Jakarta EE Tech Talk 2019onlineEclipse MicroProfile in Practice 2019-11-27
Devoxx Morocco 2019Agadir, MoroccoMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile 2019-11-13
Devoxx Belgium 2019Antwerp, BelgiumMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile 2019-11-08
Devoxx Ukraine 2019Kiev, Ukraine Jakarta EE Community BOF 2019-11-01
Trondheim DC 2019Trondheim, NorwayMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile 2019-10-28
EclipseCon Europe 2019Ludwigsburg, GermanyBuilding Interoperable Microservices with Eclipse MicroProofile 2019-10-22
Oracle Code One 2019San Francisco, USAJakarta EE Community BOF
Microservices with Java on Oracle Cloud
JakartaOne LiveStream 2019InternetBuilding Interoperable apps with Eclipse MicroProfile2019-07-30
J4K 2019Orlando, USABuilding Interoperable apps with Eclipse MicroProfile2019-07-30
Java Cloud Africa 2019Johannesburg, South AfricaDuke goes Serverless2019-07-25
Java Cloud Africa 2019Johannesburg, South AfricaEclipse MicroProfile Workshop2019-07-24
DevTalks Romania 2019Bucharest, RomaniaMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2019-06-06
QCon São Paulo 2019São Paulo, BrazilServerless Java2019-05-06
Cybercom EventGothenburg, SwedenMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2019-04-08
JavaLand 2019Brühl, GermanyJakarta EE – The New Home of Cloud Native Java2019-03-19
ConFoo 2019Montreal, CanadaJakarta EE – The New Home of Cloud Native Java2019-03-13
ConFoo 2019Montreal, CanadaServerless Java2019-03-15
Devnexus 2019Atlanta, USAMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2019-03-07
Jfokus 2019Stockholm, SwedenMicroservice Patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2019-02-06
Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Tour 2018Wellington, New ZealandServerless Java2018-11-21
Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Tour 2018Melbourne, AustraliaServerless Java2018-11-21
Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Tour 2018Perth, AustraliaServerless Java2018-11-19
Devoxx Belgium 2018Antwerp, BelgiumJakarta EE – The New Home of Cloud Native Java2018-11-xx
Devoxx Belgium 2018Antwerp, BelgiumThe Jakarta EE Community BOF2018-11-xx
Devoxx Belgium 2018Antwerp, BelgiumImplementing Microservices with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile2018-11-xx
Oracle Code One 2018San Francisco, USAFrom Monoliths to Pragmatic Microservices with Java EE (Hands-on-Lab)2018-10-25
Oracle Code One 2018San Francisco, USAMicroservice Patterns: Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile2018-10-24
Oracle Code One 2018San Francisco, USAMVC 1.0 Community BOF2018-10-23
Oracle Code One 2018San Francisco, USAServerless Java2018-10-22
jDays 2018Gothenburg, SwedenJakarta EE – The New Home of Cloud Native Java2018-09-25
Day of the Programmer 2018Jönköping, SwedenMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-09-13
Java Cloud Conference 2018Cape Town, South AfricaServerless Java2018-07-20
Java Cloud Conference 2018Cape Town, South AfricaMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-07-19
EclipseCon France 2018Toulouse, FranceJakarta EE BOF2018-06-14
EclipseCon France 2018Toulouse, FranceMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-06-13
JDK.IO 2018Copenhagen, DenmarkMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-06-11
Devsum 2018Stockholm, SwedenMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-05-31
Devoxx UK 2018London, United KingdomEE4J BoF2018-05-10
Java With the Best 2018onlineMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-04-18
JavaLand 2018Brühl, GermanyMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-03-14
JavaLand 2018Brühl, GermanyMVC 1.0 – Current Status of the Community JSR2018-03-14
Devnexus 2018Atlanta, United StatesMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-02-22
Jfokus 2018Stockholm, SwedenMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2018-02-07
CodeMash 2018Sandusky, United StatesJSR 375: New Security APIs for Java EE2018-01-13
CodeMash 2018Sandusky, United StatesJava EE 8! Now What?2018-01-12
JVM-ConKöln, GermanyMicroservices Patterns2017-11-28
Devoxx MoroccoCasablanca, MoroccoMicroservices Patterns2017-11-16
Devoxx BelgiumAntwerp, BelgiumOpening up Java EE Panel2017-11-16
JavaDay UkraineKiev, UkraineMicroProfile – New and Noteworthy2017-11-04
Øredev 2017Malmö, SwedenMVC 1.0 – The @Controller of the Community2017-11-08
JavaOne 2017San Francisco, USAMVC 1.0 – The @Controller of the Community2017-10-02
JavaOne 2017San Francisco, USAMVC 1.0 – Community Involvement Matters! (BOF)2017-10-03
JavaOne 2017San Francisco, USARapid Development Tools for Java EE 82017-10-01
JavaOne 2017San Francisco, USAJSR 375 – Java EE Security2017-10-03
JavaZone 2017Oslo, NorwayMicroProfile – by Example2017-09-14
DWX Developer Week 2017Nüremberg, GermanyMicroProfile – by Example2017-06-26
DWX Developer Week 2017Nüremberg, GermanyMVC 1.0 – Now Even Better!2017-06-26
JBCN ConfBarcelona, SpainMicroProfile – by Example2017-06-20
Code EuropeWarsaw, PolandMicroProfile – by Example2017-05-25
Code EuropeWarsaw, PolandMVC 1.0 – Now Even Better!2017-05-25
DevDay VilniusVilnius, LithuaniaMicroProfile – by Example2017-05-18
DevDay VilniusVilnius, LithuaniaJava EE Security2017-05-18
Riga DevDaysRiga, LatviaMicroProfile – by Example2017-05-16
GIDS 2017Bengaluru, IndiaSnoopEE 2.0 – Microservices made Easy2017-04-28
GIDS 2017Bengaluru, IndiaMicroProfile – by Example2017-04-26
JavaLand 2017Brühl, GermanyMVC 1.0 – Now Even Better!2017-03-09
jDays 2017Gothenburg, SwedenMVC 1.0 – Now Even Better!2017-03-08
jDays 2017Gothenburg, SwedenMicroprofile – by Example2017-03-07
Devnexus 2017Atlanta, USAMVC 1.0 – Now Even Better!2017-02-24
Devnexus 2017Atlanta, USAMicroprofile – by Example2017-02-24
Snowcamp 2017Grenoble, FranceSnoopEE 2.0 – Microservices made Easy!2017-02-10
Øredev 2016Malmö, SwedenMVC 1.0 – by Example2016-11-10
Devoxx MoroccoCasablanca, MoroccoMicroservices with Java EE2016-11-04
JavaDay Kiev 2016Kiev, UkraineJava EE Security2016-10-14/15
JavaDay Kiev 2016Kiev, UkraineMicroProfile – by Example2016-10-14/15
JavaOne 2016San Francisco, USAWriting Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit Applications in Java2016-09-18
JavaOne 2016San Francisco, USAEnterprise Modeling of MVC and Java EE Artifacts2016-09-18
JavaDay Minsk 2016Minsk, BelarusMVC 1.0 – by Example2016-06-11
Devoxx UK 2016London, United KingdomMVC 1.0 – by Example2016-06-(08-09)
jPrime 2016Sofia, BulgariaSnoopEE – The Lean and Simple Discovery Service for Java EE2016-05-27
CybercomDev 2016Lodz, PolandDiscovering Java EE microservices – with SnoopEE2016-05-21
GIDS 2016Bangalore, IndiaMVC 1.0 – by Example2016-04-28
JavaLand 2016Brühl, GermanyMVC 1.0 – by Example2016-03-09
JavaLand 2016Brühl, GermanyWhat’s up with JMS 2.1?2016-03-08
Javaforum (JUG)Malmö, SwedenDiscovering Java EE microservices – with SnoopEE2016-03-02
Jfokus 2016Stockholm, SwedenSnoopEE – a Discovery Service for Java EE2016-02-(08-10)
Devoxx Morocco 2015Casablanca, MoroccoMVC 1.0 – by Example2015-11-(17-18)
Devoxx Belgium 2015Antwerp, BelgiumMVC 1.0 – by Example2015-11-12
JavaDay Kiev 2015Kiev, Ukraine100% Java EE Microservices2015-11-(6-7)
JavaDay Kiev 2015Kiev, UkraineWhat’s Coming in Java EE 82015-11-(6-7)
JavaOne 2015San Francisco, USAHow Would You Improve the Java EE Security API?2015-10-27
JavaOne 2015San Francisco, USAMeet Snoop, a Discovery Service for Java EE2015-10-27
TopConf Bucharest 2015Bucharest, RomaniaDevOps in the Enterprise2015-09-29
JEEConf 2015Kiev, UkraineMVC 1.0 – by Example2015-05-22
JavaLand 2015Brühl, GermanyHow Java EE and DevOps Will Work Together2015-03-24
jDays 2015Gothenburg, SwedenDukeOps…or DevOps with Java EE2015-03-18
Breakfast Seminar, Foo CaféMalmö, SwedenDevOps in the Enterprise2015-02-27
ASD Tech Talk, Sony MobileLund, SwedenSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2015-02-25
Øredev 2014Malmö, SwedenSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-11-07
JMaghreb 3.0Casablanca, MoroccoSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-11-05
JavaDay KievKiev, UkraineSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-10-18
JDD 2014Krakow, PolandSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-10-13
Agila Sverige 2014Stockholm, SwedenDevOps (de)mystified !2014-06-05
JEEConfKiev, UkraineSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-05-24
JavaLand 2014Brühl, GermanySpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-03-26
JavaLand 2014Brühl, GermanyImplementing Batch Processing in Java EE 72014-03-25
Software 2014Oslo, NorwayOrganizing for Continuous Delivery2014-02-26
Javaforum (JUG)Gothenburg, SwedenSpring 4, Java EE 7 or Both?2014-02-20
jDays 2013Gothenburg, SwedenFrom Spring Framework to Java EE 72013-11-26
jDays 2013Gothenburg, SwedenDesigning for Continuous Delivery2013-11-26
JDD 2013Krakow, PolandFrom Spring Framework to Java EE 72013-10-14
JavaOne 2013San Francisco, USAFrom the Spring Framework to Java EE 72013-09-26
Javaforum (JUG)Stockholm, SwedenFrom the Spring Framework to Java EE 7 (rehersal session)2013-09-18
Javaforum (JUG)Malmö, SwedenFrom the Spring Framework to Java EE 7 (rehersal session)2013-09-17
JavaZone 2013Oslo, NorwayDesigning for Continuous Delivery2013-09-11
Javaforum (JUG)Malmö, SwedenA Pragmatic Approach to Continuous Delivery2013-03-26
jDays 2012Gothenburg, SwedenA Pragmatic Approach to Continuous Delivery2012-12-03
Agila Sverige 2012Stockholm, SwedenArkitektrollen behövs i agila projekt!2012-04-24
Smidig 2011Oslo, NorwayArkitektrollen er nødvendig i (smidige) prosjekter!2011-11-14
Javaforum (JUG)Malmö, SwedenCreating REST Web Services with JAX-RS2009-06-15
Javaforum (JUG)Malmö, SwedenNews from JavaOne2008-05-22
Javaforum (JUG)Malmö, SwedenSimply Java2007-09-27