Hashtag Jakarta EE #112

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twelve of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The work with Jakarta EE 10 is chugging along as February 28, the target date for release reviews is approaching. No new specifications started their release review this week, so the status is the same as it were in Hashtag Jakarta EE #111. More release reviews are expected to start in the upcoming week.

I was supposed to travel to Novosibirsk for my SnowOne on February 25-26. But due to the circumstances around the pandemic, the conference will be online-only in February. My talk will be on Saturday, February 26. Check the SnowOne website for details. There will be an in-person event in April, but unfortunately, I am not able to go there due to a conflict with another travel.

There are quite a few conferences coming up this spring and early summer. Check out the I’m Speaking sidebar of https://www.agilejava.eu/ for a quick overview. I also try to keep the list on my Speaker Bio page up-to-date as well.

The Jakarta MVC project plans to release an update to the specification around the time of Jakarta EE 10. As you are aware, Jakarta MVC is not yet a part of the Jakarta EE Platform or Jakarta EE Web Profile. With the ongoing revival of server-side rendering, we hope that some time in the future to be included in the Web Profile.

Check out Tanja’s latest blog post for a Jakarta EE 2021 Review and Community Update January 2020.

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