Hashtag Jakarta EE #113

Welcome to issue number one hundred and thirteen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Tomorrow is February 28! This means that all specifications targeting Jakarta EE 10

The release review for Jakarta SOAP with Attachments 3.0 started last week. A bunch of specifications are waiting for that last little brush-up in order to be ready, usually the final touches on the compatible implementation and publishing the TCK results. Specifications that have completed release reviews are Jakarta Activation 2.1Jakarta Annotations 2.1, and Jakarta Mail 2.1

Check out the Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan for an overview of what to expect from the release.

If you are using earlier versions of Jakarta EE, or even Java EE, take a look at this short video from Dalia for how to migrate from the javax.* to jakarta.* namespace.

You can also check out my migration guide for a step-by-step tutorial for the namespace change.

It is that time of the year when we ask for feedback from the developer community! The yearly Jakarta EE Developer Survey is just around the corner. Stay tuned for announcements!

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