Hashtag Jakarta EE #48

Welcome to the forty-eighth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

JakartaOne Livestream 2020 is just around the corner. Make sure you register today!

We continue the cupcake success from the Milestone party in June. This time we go even bigger! A final release deserves a proper CAKE! Join us in the celebration, bake a cake, upload a photo of your creation and win big prizes!

The Jakarta EE Virtual Tour continues in 2021. Reach out if you would like us to visit your JUG/Meetup.

Are you still using JDK Internals? Well, then you should probably be aware that these will be encapsulated by default in Java 16. See JEP 396 for the details. Before you blow a fuse and start getting nightmares from your dependence on sun.misc.Unsafe, relax 🙂 It will still be available, at least for now. This applies to all the critical internal APIs for which standard replacements do not exist yet.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #47

Welcome to the forty-seventh issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Jakarta EE 9 is released and available in Maven Central! You can start using it today. This is how you configure your pom.xml for Jakarta EE Platform 9:


And this is how you configure your pom.xml for Jakarta EE Web Profile 9:


The Jakarta EE 9 release will be properly celebrated with our JakartaOne Livestream on December 8. Make sure you register to save your spot! This will be a 12-hour event packed with amazing speakers and content!

Jakarta MVC 2.0 passed the plan review ballot this week. We have already done the work adjusting to the jakarta.mvc.* namespace and passed the TCK with Eclipse Krazo. The only thing left is to initiate the final steps for a Jakarta EE specification release, which we will do at the beginning of next week.

I want to thank everyone that voted in the 2020 JCP Executive Committee elections. The Eclipse Foundation keeps its elected seat and will continue to represent the interests of the open-source community there.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #46

Welcome to the forty-sixth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

This is the last time I will be showing the status pie chart for Jakarta EE 9.

All the ongoing ballots will end this week, so the rest of the specifications are ready to be released on Friday.

This week, we visited NišJUG in Serbia on our Jakarta EE Virtual Tour. Next week, we travel across the Ocean to Philadelphia and PhillyJUG. Sign up for the event here.

The plan review for Jakarta MVC 2.0 is ongoing and we are in the middle of the work to finalize this version. One of the tasks is to pass the TCK with a compatible implementation. In our case, this is Eclipse Krazo.

Krazo supports runtimes based on Eclipse Jersey, RESTEasy, and Apache CXF. This means that it can be integrated into almost any Jakarta EE application server out there. For Jakarta MVC 1.1, we used WildFly 18 as our engine for running the TCK.

We already have the TCK passing on WildFly 22 (alpha), so we are actually good to go for starting a release review as soon as the ballot for the plan review closes (on November 19). That means that we have a couple of days to see if we can get it to run on other implementations as well. I’ll post a blog post later this week with a report on this work as a part of my series about the Jakarta EE Specification Process, featuring Jakarta MVC.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #45

Welcome to the forty-fifth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Look at that! All Jakarta EE 9 Specification ballots are either ongoing or done!

This means that given the ballots are completed successfully, we are ready to release Jakarta EE 9 on Friday, November 20, 2020.

Wednesday this week, we visited the Swedish JUGs in an event organized by Javaforum on our Jakarta EE Virtual Tour. This week, the tour continues to Serbia and NišJUG. Sign up here.

The election for the Java Community Process Executive Committee is going on. The election is open for votes until November 16. Submit your vote today! And remember that a vote for Eclipse Foundation is a vote for the Open Source Community!

Hashtag Jakarta EE #44

Welcome to the forty-fourth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The pie chart for Jakarta EE 9 progress this week shows that twenty-two specifications have passed their ballot! The seven ongoing ballots will close the coming week, which leaves us with the platform specification and the five specifications that depend on it.

According to the plan, these remaining six ballots must start November 6 at the latest in order to be able to release Jakarta EE 9 on November 20. As it looks, this is well within reach!

Monday this week, we visited Johannesburg and the Jozi JUG on our Jakarta EE Virtual Tour. The Tour continues, and this week we will stop by Sweden with a combined event for many of the Swedish JUGs.

Tuesday this week, I also participated in a Jfokus Brown Bag Lunch event where I did a MicroProfile live coding session. I think it went pretty well, even if the Demo Gods were a little even this day.
(For those participating, the problem was that I was running the Greeting service with Java 15. It worked like a charm when I switched to Java 11…)

This week was also the week of J-CON 2020 with a packed schedule of quality content. One particular aspect I liked about this event was that all sessions were LIVE streamed. As a speaker, I don’t like recording talks. It just adds another layer between me and the audience. We are disconnected enough as it is. This topic is probably worth a post on its own.

The election for the Java Community Process Executive Committee starts on Tuesday, November 3 (not to be confused with another election taking place that day). The election is open for votes until November 16.

If you are a JCP Member, remember that a vote for Eclipse Foundation is a vote for the Open Source Community!

Hashtag Jakarta EE #43

Welcome to the forty-third issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Time for this week’s Jakarta EE 9 status. We now have twenty specifications approved and nine ballots ongoing. The remaining six are the Platform Specification and five specifications that depends on it.

The Platform Specification is the one with most work remaining, but I am confident that we will be able to finish it and get it on ballot before November 6 in order to be able to release the entire thing on November 20.

This week, we released Jakarta MVC 1.1. The compatible implementation used to verify the specification is Eclipse Krazo 1.1.0. With this release, Krazo graduated from incubation to be a mature Eclipse project! This is the first of the EE4J projects being graduated, with the exception of EclipseLink which has been around for a while.

The Jakarta EE Virtual Tour continues to grow and has expanded into 2021. Do contact us if you want your JUG/Meetup to be added to this list!

Hashtag Jakarta EE #42

Welcome to the forty-second issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

I have a confession to make. As one of the few, or maybe the only one in our industry, I have never read the book or seen the movie…

Anyway, 42 is the answer and this is issue number 42 of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The status for Jakarta EE 9 this week is that fifteen specifications have passed the approval ballot, six are still in ballots that will close within the next two weeks. Eleven specifications are close to being ready for ballot. Many of these are depending on the Platform specification, so we will likely see specifications up for ballots like ketchup this week.

The one that is causing a little concern is the Jakarta Server Pages specification. If you’re involved in this specification, please help sort out the outstanding issues.

The schedule for the Jakarta EE Virtual Tour is shaping up. We are adding stops to the tour every day AND we are continuing the tour in 2021, so do contact us if you want us to present at YOUR JUG or Meetup.

The upcoming week is the week of EclipseCon 2020. The logo kind of shouts “ECLIPSE 2020 CON” to me, but be not mistaken, it is time for EclipseCon 2020 Virtual Event! This year’s edition is virtual and there are more than 2000 registered attendees. Make sure you reserve your spot for the sessions you would like to attend by building your schedule in the conference app.

And, you may relax, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is now downloaded to my Kindle, so there is still hope for me:)

Hashtag Jakarta EE #41

Welcome to the forty-first issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The Jakarta EE 9 status pie for this week shows that we still have twelve ratified specifications. This is as expected since no ballots were scheduled to conclude this week. Of the nine ongoing ballots, four will close this week.

There are eleven specifications in the pipeline pretty close to being ready for ballot. Only three need a little more work. Two of these are the platform specifications which are expected to be the last up for a vote since they aggregate and sum up all the other specifications.

The Jakarta EE Virtual Tour is shaping up, but we still have room for more stops. We will also extend this tour to continue into 2021 to be able to meet as many as possible. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to host us in your JUG or Meetup.

The Call-for-Paper for JakartaOne Livestream 2020 on December 8 has closed, and the program committee has started the job of finalizing the schedule.

The ballot for Jakarta MVC 1.1 will conclude on October 21. The status so far is that there are already enough votes for this specification to be ratified. In parallel, we have started the work on Jakarta MVC 2.0. This release will be featuring the new jakarta.mvc.* namespace.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #40

Welcome to the fortieth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

This week’s Jakarta EE 9 Specification Status shows some progress!

We now have twelve specifications approved and four ballots that started last week. There are thirteen that are close to being ready for ballots and only six that need a little more work. We’re getting there! Mark November 20 in your calendar! Read this status update from Kevin Sutter for more details.

This Jakarta EE Survey by Omnifaces covers a lot of relevant topics for Jakarta EE releases following Jakarta EE 9. Please do take some time and fill out the survey. Surveys like this provide extremely valuable input for the work on upcoming releases.

Tanja and I are going on a virtual tour talking about Jakarta EE. The first stop on the tour was India and we are currently planning stops in Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and USA. Please reach out to us if you want us to present at your JUG/meetup.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #39

Welcome to the thirty-ninth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Here is this week’s Jakarta EE 9 Specification Status.

Since there were no ballots that closed this week, there are still ten approved and two ballots ongoing. These two will end on Tuesday. Eight specifications are almost ready for their ballot, so that’s an increase since last week.

Nine specifications need some more work before they are ready, and there is only one specification that hasn’t created a Pull Request yet:

Jakarta Server Pages

The call-for-paper for JakartaOne LiveStream ends on Wednesday, October 1st. If you haven’t submitted yet, now is the time!

Another event coming up with a lot of Jakarta EE content is EclipseCon 2020. Do register now to reserve your place!

This week, we staged the MVC 1.1.0 API in preparation for our first release as a Jakarta EE specification. The next steps are to stage the TCK and file a certification request for Eclipse Krazo. More to come.