Eclipse Foundation All Hands 2024

Once a year, the Eclipse Foundation comes together at the same location to socialize, learn, and exchange experiences with each other. As a fully remote organization, these events are even more valuable than those for organizations where you meet your colleagues at the office every other day.

In this photo below, you can see the Community and Outreach team which I am a part of. We missed a couple of colleagues who couldn’t make it, otherwise, the picture is complete.

In addition to staff training sessions and interesting presentations from the various parts of the Eclipse Foundation, there was also time for socializing, having fun, and enjoying excellent food. Here is a video of the early morning runners on the trail in a Quebecian forest. I take pride in slowly increasing the number of runners with the #runWithJakartaEE shirts every year.

There were activities for everyone from yoga on the beach, kayaking, hiking, swimming, or just hanging out in the pool or the surrounding area. The last night ended with a bonfire where those who wanted could get their s’mores. And there was cake…

Kayaking with Jakarta EE

As mentioned above, one of the activities was to go kayaking. Since I have very limited experience in kayaking, I was very pleased when Rosaria agreed to be my partner in crime for this activity. She is a natural. Even if I was appointed captain of the ship, mostly due to the weight balance I guess, she was the one steering it. You have earned a Jakarta EE t-shirt, Rosaria! And also the first to be tagged with #kayakingWithJakartaEE.

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