Javaforum Malmö – a Fresh Start

I am pleased to announce that I will take over as JUG leader in the Malmö branch of Javaforum in Sweden. As a first step we will follow our friends from the other locations in Sweden and move to Meetup. The old site at has been around for 10 years and time has come to try out some more modern options.

Make sure you register yourself to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your local Java Community.

Javaforum Malmö
Thanks to Cybercom for sponsoring the Meetup subscription.



I really like the simplicity in Kanban. It should be enough for most small projects, and especially AO teams. Even though all you really need as tool support is a white-board and a couple of post-it notes, larger organizations often require you to hook into existing tools for requirement management, issue tracking etc.

I have not been able to find any tool fulfilling this need, so I decided to create on myself. Thereby, KanbanFX was born!

KanbanFX is a JavaFX implementation of a Kanban board. Source code and a very limited demo version is available on Kenai:

Please join the project if you want to contribute. I am pretty sure that I will need help with at least the graphical elements when we get to that…