DevBCN 2024

My second trip to Barcelona in less than two weeks was to DevBCN. This community-driven conference is always a pleasure to speak at. And it doesn’t hurt that it is located in Barcelona…

This time we had an Eclipse Foundation booth staffed by Carmen, Arjan, and yours truly. We even had some new Jakarta EE swag in the shape of caps and sunglasses. A fun moment was to have a selfie with Jean-Fredric from the ASF where he was wearing his vintage t-shirt and me with my Jakarta EE t-shirt.

Despite some issues with the screens, I was able to start my talk at the scheduled time. This time, I dusted off the popular From Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 with Java 22 and Jakarta EE talk. Every time I do this talk, the number of attendees raising their hand when I ask who that has already done the migration is increasing. A bit surprising this time was that there were more hands raised for “not started yet”. So the talk is still valid, and I will most likely continue presenting it for a while longer.

Originally, I was supposed to do the one talk this year, but since there were cancelations from some speakers not being able to come, I was asked if I could do a second talk. The one I chose to do was an update of what to expect from Jakarta EE 11, and how this release will help you boost both performance and developer productivity.

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