Hashtag Jakarta EE #130

Welcome to issue number one hundred and thirty of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

This week, I was back in Kraków for Devoxx Poland. I have been to most Devoxx conferences before, but this was my first visit to Devoxx Poland. It is a great conference at the modern Kraków Congress Center close to the city’s center. I’ll provide a write-up of this conference in the coming days.

So, Jakarta EE 10? Are we there yet? Due to travel and Midsummer this week, I’m not 100% up-to-date on the status, but the last I saw, the Jakarta EE Platform, Web- and Core Profile are very close to being ready for release reviews. Hopefully, we can get them moving in the upcoming week.

Talking about the upcoming week, we will have a Jakarta EE 10 Release Celebration on Tuesday.

We will have some fantastic guests giving their views of Jakarta EE 10. Join Shabnam Mayel, Tanja Obradovic, and myself with special appearances from Adam Bien, Rudy de Busscher, and Scott Stark.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #129

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twenty-nine of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The conference season continues. I represented Jakarta EE this week at the We Are Developers World Congress in Berlin. Next week, I am heading to Kraków and Devoxx Poland. But before that, I will be participating in Jakarta EE 10 – exploring the value of innovation in the open. This online event happens at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 21. Make sure to register now so you are sure not to miss it!

I will also remind you about the  Jakarta EE 10 Release Celebration Tech Talk we are hosting on June 28. Please sign up and join us there!

So, with all these celebrations and events around Jakarta EE 10, when can we expect the release? As I mentioned in Hashtag Jakarta EE #128 last week, one of the challenges is the requirement that the compatible implementation used to ratify the specification must pass all features, including the OPTIONAL ones.

To address this issue, the Jakarta EE Platform team decided to remove Entity Beans, both Container and Bean Managed Persistence (Jakarta Enterprise Beans 4.0, Optional Features, Chapters 3 – 7) OPTIONAL requirements for Entity Beans from the Jakarta EE 10 Platform specification. This will open up the possibility for other open-source implementations than Eclipse GlassFish to be used for ratifying the specification.

That said, Eclipse GlassFish is getting closer and closer to passing the TCK, so it is likely that it will pass the finishing line first anyway. From what I can see, the remaining task is to integrate an implementation of Jakarta Concurrency 3.0 and pass the new standalone TCK for this specification.

We Are Developers World Congress 2022

We Are Developers in Berlin is a massive event! It’s been a long time since I have been among so many people in one place. This would be considered a big crowd even by pre-pandemic standards.

My talk Get Ready for Jakarta EE 10 was scheduled as one of the first talks on the opening day of the conference. It was well attended, and those I talked with after the talk were happy and appreciated it.

We Are Developers is a polyglot event catering to a larger crowd than the usual more Java-focused events. Still, there were a lot of familiar faces. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

One advantage of having a conference in a big city like Berlin is that there are loads of options for what to do when not present at the venue. I spent a couple of hours in the Berlin Zoo before my flight home, and there I came across this fellow. Is it Duke in disguise? Has he lost his red nose? After a closer look, I can assure you that Duke is fine, and this is just a baby panda enjoying a nice chunk of bamboo for breakfast.

JNation 2022

JNation is an awesome, community-focused conference located in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal! More than 800 attendees showed up for this one-day event. You can see a majority of them up on stage after the opening keynote in the image below.

This time, I was accompanied by Tanja on stage. In our talk titled Jakarta EE 10 and Beyond, we gave an overview of a selection of specifications included in Jakarta EE 10, as well as a sneak peek into what to expect from Jakarta EE 11.

Take a look at the slides from the talk if you missed out on our session.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #128

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twenty-eight of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The ballot for Jakarta Security 3.0 will conclude tomorrow. This means that all of the individual specifications that are a part of Jakarta EE 10 are approved! So when can we expect Jakarta EE 10 (Platform, Web Profile, and Core Profile) to be final? The plan was to start the ballot for these specifications by June 9 and release them on June 23 with a big announcement on June 28.

That ship has unfortunately sailed due to the work with getting Eclipse GlassFish to pass all the tests in the TCK taking a little longer than expected. The reason why GlassFish is so important is that it is the only implementation that implements absolutely all features of the specifications, including the OPTIONAL ones. As the process is defined, there has to be at least one implementation that does this in order to ratify the specification. Until we either get rid of the OPTIONAL features or remove the requirement that one implementation has to implement them all, GlassFish is, and will be, the de-facto reference implementation*).

The plan is still to release Jakarta EE 10 as soon as possible. Hopefully, just a week’s delay from what was originally announced. Worst case, it slips a couple of days into July. There will still be a Jakarta EE 10 Release Celebration Tech Talk on June 28. Please sign up and join us there!

*) Note that there is no mention of a reference implementation in the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP). The exact phrasing is “A Specification Version must identify at least one Compatible Implementation under an Open Source License that implements all optional elements of the Specification and fulfills the requirements of all elements (including optional elements) of the TCK.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #127

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twenty-seven of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The work with Jakarta EE 10 goes on. The release review ballot for Jakarta Security 3.0 is ongoing, and the pull requests with draft specifications for Jakarta EE 10 Platform, Jakarta EE Web Profile 10, and Jakarta EE Core Profile 10 have been produced. The remaining task before the release reviews for these specifications can start is to have passing TCK runs with Eclipse GlassFish for Java SE 11 and Java SE 17.

Conference season goes on, and next week, I am going to Coimbra in Portugal for JNation. Jakarta EE will be present, co-located with the Payara booth. Come by and pick up your favorite Jakarta EE swag. I am pretty sure there will be some nice t-shirts there. And, of course, there will be a talk as well. This time, I will share the stage with Tanja. The topic of the talk is Jakarta EE 10 and Beyond.

The vote has started for the Eclipse Foundation Community Awards 2022. Check out the candidates for Top Committer, Top Newcomer Evangelist, Top Contributor, and Lifetime Achievement, and submit your vote before June 30, 2022.

The CFP for EclipseCon 2022 is open until June 15, so there is still time even if you missed the early bird submission.

Java’s Greatest by Rockstars IT

No conferences are the same, and a stage is not always a stage. It can be everything from regular stages in conference centers, really big screens in cinema complexes, and regular meeting rooms to setups where the audience is located behind you, or the stage is made of ice (gets really cold after a while by the way…).

The Java’s Greatest event by Rockstars IT in Eindhoven had the most original setup so far with the stage being a boxing ring!

The speaker lineup featured three Java Champions: Grace Jansen, Edwin Derks, and yours truly. In Round 1, Grace told her story about how she uses her degree in biology in her job as a developer advocate. Round 2 started with a peek into my open-source journey before I moved on to an update of Jakarta EE 10. Edwin completed the rumble in Round 3 with a talk about his life as a Java Champion.

Slides for Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature with My Open Source Journey.

Java Day Istanbul 2022

As I promised in Hashtag Jakarta EE #126, here is a short recap of my weekend in Istanbul and Java Day Istanbul 2022. The eighth edition of this conference had an online part on Friday, whereas the main conference day was in-person on Saturday.

Traffic in Istanbul can be a challenge on weekdays, so it is a good strategy to have the conference on a Saturday.

I did a talk titled Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature where I went through the new features introduced in Jakarta EE 10. I demoed a couple of the features, including the new API for Build Compatible Extensions in CDI 4.0 lite.

Java Day Istanbul is a community-oriented conference that is supported by the Istanbul Java User Group. It is well organized and features a great lineup of speakers and content. It was my first time speaking in Istanbul, and I surely hope it won’t be the last.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #126

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twenty-six of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

We are down to just a handful of failures before Eclipse GlassFish passes the Jakarta EE 10 TCK for the Jakarta EE Platform and Jakarta EE Web Profile. WildFly has already submitted a certification request for Jakarta EE Core Profile, so we are on track with the release. The missing piece of documentation for the Jakarta EE Security TCK has been updated, so this ballot will be restarted shortly.

I must admit that I haven’t really explored the Twitter Communities feature, so I don’t really know how relevant they are. Nevertheless, I created a Twitter Community for Jakarta EE last week. Please do join, participate, share, and help make it the greatest Twitter Community in the Galaxy!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting Jakarta EE at JavaDay Istanbul 2022. I have made a habit of writing a small report from the conferences I speak at. And I will do that for this conference as well, but since I am at the airport on my way home writing this week’s Hashtag Jakarta EE, I will publish the write-up from the conference early next week. Stay tuned!

The CFP for EclipseCon 2022 is open until June 15, but you still have a chance of being picked as an early bird submission if you submit it before June 1.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #125

Welcome to issue number one hundred and twenty-five of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

After a week without traveling, I will be going to Turkey the upcoming weekend for Java Day Istanbul 2022. I have spoken at an online version of this conference before, but this is the first time in person. I am looking forward to connecting with the Turkish Java developer community!

In my talk titled Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature, I will go over as many of the features coming in Jakarta EE 10 as possible.

Talking about Jakarta EE 10, with one exception, all the specifications targeting this release have now completed their release reviews. The exception is Jakarta Security 3.0 since a missing piece of documentation was discovered during the review. This issue has now been addressed and the ballot will be restarted shortly. We are still on schedule, and there is room in the plan for a respin of the ballot. Ensuring quality is one of the reasons for these reviews, so it just shows that the process is working as intended.

The pull request for Jakarta EE Core Profile 10 has been created, so you can have a sneak peek of the specification documents. Please do have a look and provide feedback so we can brush off any inconsistencies, misspellings, or missing items before we start the ballot. The intention is to start this ballot at the latest on June 9, 2022.

Certification requests for passing the Jakarta EE Core Profile 10 TCK on Java 11 and Java 17 have been filed for WildFly 27.0.0.Alpha1.

Mark your calendars for JakartaOne Livestream 2022 on December 6, 2022!