An update from JSR 371 (MVC 1.0)

The work in the Expert Group for JSR 371 progresses and here is a small update. A couple of decisions have been made and the most important one is that the JSR will be layered on top of JAX-RS. The decision was made by voting between this and the alternative of layering it on top of the Servlet API.

What this means for you as a developer is that the stuff you are familiar with from JAX-RS is directly transferable to MVC. As you can see in the simple example below, the only thing that differs from JAX-RS is the @Controller and @View annotations.

Note that this code is highly experimental and will most likely change as the work with the specification continues.

A more complete example with a little more details can be found at I will continue evolving this example as we go.

The latest versions of the spec and reference implementation can be found here:

Joining the Experts

I have been a member of the Java Community Process (JCP) for nearly ten years. My contribution so far has been to vote in elections and respond to surveys.

But recently this changed as I was selected to be a part of the Expert Group for JSR 371: Model-View-Controller (MVC 1.0) Specification. This JSR is targeted to be a part of Java EE 8.

I am looking very much forward to participating in this JSR and will post updates here now and then.