Why is pair-programming dangerous?

Have you ever experienced that a project manager comes running asking “What is wrong?” when you are sitting there peacefully pair-programming?
Whenever one or more people are discussing something, maybe even (God forbid) using a whiteboard, managers tend to think that there are som serious threats to their precious project.

People working together should be seen as a good thing!! Two people working together on a task means four eyes and two brains rather than two eyes and one brain. To avoid unnecessary noise on your project, some efforts must be done to convince project management of this. Otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where problems are being created out of nothing. Project managers love problems. I guess it gives them an excuse to why their projects fail…

I tip of advice I got when I recently attended the Øredev conference was that rather than calling it pair-programming, you should call it “Continuous Peer Reviews” when selling the idea to the management… 🙂

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