JavaOne 2007 – Day 1

Open Possibilities is the key word of JavaOne 2007. This is the first JavaOne conference since Sun open sourced its implementation of the Java platform. Besides the everlasting theme of open soucing Java, the keynote of the first day focused a lot on what Java can contribute to the humanity. Scott McNealy was on stage with a representative from the UN to promote the Curriki, a site to help education the world.

JavaFX and JavaFX Mobilewas announced. This is probably the future of Java on the desktop and on mobile devices. Pay attention to this!

For me, the highlight of the day was the sixth version of Java Puzzlers with Joshua Bloch and William Pugh. As always they were tricky, but cool 🙂

JavaOne is great fun, and JavaOne 2007 is no exception…. I look forward to upcoming days!

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