You ain’t agile till…

…you stop saying you are!
Every time I hear someone claim they are doing agile at their project I get suspicious and ask some more questions. In most cases it turns out that they are using some agile techniques, but at the same time still struggling with the organization’s old more heavyweight methodologies.

My project is no exception. We are running Scrum (there I said it ) in our third sprint, but there is still some way to go before we are truly agile. Such as use user stories rather than the old requirements, get more involvement from our product owner, estimate using story points or ideal days, use velocity as a measurement for sprint size etc.

Anyway, life is much easier now than it was before so I guess half-way-agile is far better than not-agile-at-all. It is all about adapting to the environment and doing whatever fits your organization best.

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