Java+You is the theme of JavaOne 2008. No question about it! The feeling I have after day 1 of this year’s JavaOne is that the focus is on the integration with the consumers as well as the developers in all daily-life situations. Rich Green talked a lot about the “Screens of you life” in his keynote today. Whether you read a book, check you bank account statement, chat with friends on you mobile phone or navigate in you car it is all Java… it is the consumer that drives the change…!

This year they even brought Neil Young on the stage to talk about his new interactive blue-ray disc and the way Java technology has enabled him to produce his memorabilia in a format that he feels is what his fans wants – an interactive history of his musical career.

All in all a more or less typical JavaOne day one show. This is my ninth time at JavaOne, so I think I am entitled to say that 🙂


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