NetBeans 6.7 beta

After having used NetBeans 6.7 Milestones for a while, I was very happy when the beta was released yesterday. I immediately installed it and started trying it out. The milestones had a tendency to use a LOT of cpu, but so far I have not experienced this with the beta. Maybe since I was stuck up in meetings yesterday and did not have time to code. Today will be better 🙂

Some Highlights

  • Connected Developer (Kenai)

    Create Kenai-hosted projects from within the NetBeans IDE
    Locate and open sources for Kenai-hosted projects in the IDE
    Full integration with Bugzilla

  • Maven

    Support for Web Services creation and consumption and J2EE
    POM Editor and Navigator enhancements

  • PHP

    Code coverage and Selenium support
    PHPUnit output improvements

  • C/C++

    Support of popular Qt library and tools

  • Groovy and Grails

    Out-of-the-box support for Grails 1.1

  • Profiler

    Enhanced Self Diagnosis (“Profile Me Now!”)

  • Java ME / Mobility

    Full support for SVG Rich Components in the Visual Mobile Designer

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