JavaOne 2009 – Day 3

The third day of JavaOne is always kind of weird. Your are in the middle of the conference, but painfully close to the end. The pavillion closes (as I have pointed out in my evaluation forms every year!) too early! Why do they have to start packing down all the stuff at 14:00? Do they have so tight schedule at Mocsone to prepare for the Apple Developer Connection that they can’t wait a couple of hours more..?

After the Swing Rocks presentation, I spent some time on the pavillion before attending a presentation on Bean Validation (JSR 303). Validation of input has always been a pain in-the-ass so I embrace this JSR with my heart.

The night ended with a couple of parties before heading back to the hotel. Tomorrow is the last day of JavaOne 2009. I wonder if there will be a JavaOne 2010….

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