I came over a cool tool called Cucumber the other day. Cucumber is a tool for Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) that focuses on the communication between stakeholders and developers. It looks kind of cool, it works with Java and is written by Aslak Hellsøy, a former colleague of mine. So I gave it a try.

First I just ran the examples in plain ruby, then I tried it with JRuby (did not get the colors to work there…) and lastly I found cuke4duke which basically is Cucumber packaged in a Jar file. It has  a maven plugin and annotation support for writing the steps defined in the features. I am definitely going to lab some more with it and see if I can apply it on a project. Me like 🙂

Aslak will present Cucumber at Öredev in November.

2 thoughts on “cuke4duke

  1. Well, it is actually cuke4duke, and not cuke3duke… 🙂
    If you have been reading my blog, you would probably have noticed that I am not a very big fan of Eclipse, so it is not very likely that I will use cuke4duke in that environment…

    When I tried it last time, I only explored the maven plugin. I will be testing it out more and for sure post something about my experiences in the near future.

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