Responsive Web Design Demystified

This post is not about generating traffic. Nevertheless it probably will since the concept of Responsive Web Design is pretty hyped these days. Everybody seems to be talking about it an I am a bit concerned that the wrong people will start thinking it is the solution to everything without understanding what it is.

First of all, it is not about technology. The technologies and techniques involved have been around for a while, even though they are constantly improving hand in hand with the browser support for CSS3 and HTML5.

Responsive Web Design is all about mindset. It is about getting away from the print-on-paper-influenced-960px-wide-look-the-same-in-every-browser way of thinking. It is about convincing the customers that it is not only okay, but actually required, that your site looks different in different browsers. It is about creating the best possible user experience regardless of what browser or device you are using.

Just remember that there are still lots of situations where the responsive approach is not the way to go and a “mobile” or “tablet” version of your site is the preferred solution.

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