Hashtag Jakarta EE #18

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

In the following video, you can watch an interview I did with Martijn Verburg regarding his nomination to the Jakarta EE Steering Group representing London Java Community.

“Vote for the voice of the Java Community, vote for Martijn!”

When talking about YouTube, I have been busy recording a couple of tech tips for how to sign off your Git commits when contributing to Eclipse Foundation projects. All these tips are collected in a Playlist in the Studio Jakarta EE YouTube channel.

For convenience, I have listed a summary of the commands I used in the video here.

# rebase
git rebase -i [hash of the commit before the one you want to fix]

# replace the word 'pick' with 'edit', save

# add signed-off comment to the commit
git commit --amend -s

# continue the rebase
git rebase --continue

# finally force push the updated commits
git push origin [your branch] --force

And we’re not done with YouTube just yet. This week, we launched the Jakarta EE YouTube channel.

How is this different from Studio Jakarta EE, you may wonder…

The answer to that is that I don’t know yet. It may make sense to merge them sometime in the future. Or keep them apart since the type of content may be a little different. My idea with the Studio Jakarta EE channel is to have a lightweight platform for Jakarta EE related content of varying types, such as interviews, tech tips, live streams, panels, trip reports from conferences, etc. So please, go ahead and subscribe to both. That way you are sure not to miss out on anything.

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