Hashtag Jakarta EE #20

Welcome to the twentieth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The web page for the Starter for Jakarta EE is launched! So far, it is pretty limited, but we hope that the community can join us in making start.jakarta.ee the absolutely best place to get started with Jakarta EE.

Please check out our project pages for resources about how to get involved.

Earlier this week, we hosted the JakartaOne Livestream: Cloud Native for Java event. The talks are published on the Jakarta EE Youtube channel.

I also recorded a short video showing how to check the third-party dependencies with a tool called dash-licences. The tool is developed by Wayne Beaton and he describes the background for it in his blog post Revising the Eclipse Due Diligence Process for Third Party Content.

Never Stop Learning

If you’re not tired by now, read this interview of me by Bob Rhubart that was published earlier this week.

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