Hashtag Jakarta EE #30

Welcome to the thirtieth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

It’s vacation time, but the hashtag series continues…

The Jakarta EE Working Group has created a Jakarta EE 9 Tools Vendor Datasheet that collects information regarding the Jakarta EE 9 release. Specifically around the namespace change from javax.* to jakarta.*. Please share this datasheet with anyone you suspect may be impacted by this release.

Jakarta EE 9 release is moving forward! At the time of writing this blog, the TCK has 97.98% passing tests. Bookmark the Jakarta EE 9 TCK Overview to follow the progress.

The ballots for releasing the specifications that are a part of Jakarta EE 9 are about to start any moment now. Follow the public Specification mailing list to see how this progresses.

Finally, I want to remind you of submitting your presentation to the JakartaOne Livestream. The call-for-paper is open until July 31.

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