Hashtag Jakarta EE #44

Welcome to the forty-fourth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The pie chart for Jakarta EE 9 progress this week shows that twenty-two specifications have passed their ballot! The seven ongoing ballots will close the coming week, which leaves us with the platform specification and the five specifications that depend on it.

According to the plan, these remaining six ballots must start November 6 at the latest in order to be able to release Jakarta EE 9 on November 20. As it looks, this is well within reach!

Monday this week, we visited Johannesburg and the Jozi JUG on our Jakarta EE Virtual Tour. The Tour continues, and this week we will stop by Sweden with a combined event for many of the Swedish JUGs.

Tuesday this week, I also participated in a Jfokus Brown Bag Lunch event where I did a MicroProfile live coding session. I think it went pretty well, even if the Demo Gods were a little even this day.
(For those participating, the problem was that I was running the Greeting service with Java 15. It worked like a charm when I switched to Java 11…)

This week was also the week of J-CON 2020 with a packed schedule of quality content. One particular aspect I liked about this event was that all sessions were LIVE streamed. As a speaker, I don’t like recording talks. It just adds another layer between me and the audience. We are disconnected enough as it is. This topic is probably worth a post on its own.

The election for the Java Community Process Executive Committee starts on Tuesday, November 3 (not to be confused with another election taking place that day). The election is open for votes until November 16.

If you are a JCP Member, remember that a vote for Eclipse Foundation is a vote for the Open Source Community!

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