Jakarta MVC 2.0 Plan Review

We are ready to move forward with the namespace change from javax.mvc.* to jakarta.mvc.* for Jakarta MVC. This will be released as Jakarta MVC 2.0.

According to the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP), we need to engage in a plan review with the Specification Committee.

The key goal of this release is to switch the namespace for the API from javax.mvc.* to jakarta.mvc.*. No additional features are included in order to make the transition from Jakarta MVC 1.1 easier.

The plan review is initiated by submitting a Pull Request to the Jakarta EE Specifications repository. See Plan Review for Jakarta MVC 2.0 to follow the progress and join the mvc-dev mailing list to participate in the release.

I will use Jakarta MVC as an example for a specification going through the steps involved in the JESP and blog about it here. Follow the Jakarta MVC tag to get them all.

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