Hashtag Jakarta EE #70

Welcome to the seventieth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The Jakarta EE 9.1 release is coming up shortly. The release review ballot for ratification of the specification will start this week. A special detail regarding this release is that there will be at least three, possibly four, compatible implementations used for ratification. Eclipse GlassFish, OpenLiberty, and WildFly have submitted their Compatibility Certification Requests already. We hope that Apache TomeEE will make it as well!

More compatible products will follow shortly after the release.

The plan reviews for individual specifications are ongoing. You can follow their progress by checking out the pull requests labeled plan review. As they are approved, they will pop up on their respective page under Jakarta EE Specifications.

I want to remind you about the Jakarta EE Specifications Calendar, where the specification projects are encouraged to publish there calls in order to allow more people to join the discussions.

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