Jfokus 2023

Jfokus is one of my absolute favorite conferences. This year’s edition was no exception. The organization is excellent, you can tell that they’ve done this before. This was the 17th edition of Jfokus since it started back in 2007.

On Wednesday morning, we continued the tradition that started last year with a Jfokus Morning Run. Which made this year the second annual morning run at Jfokus.

We were 17 runners that met at 07:15 on Wednesday morning for a 5K run, and as far as I know all 17 returned and were able to attend the conference. It is truly an excellent way to start a conference day.

I had a Quickie-talk about responsible Open Source at Jfokus this year. A Quickie talk at Jfokus is a 15-minute talk, so it is pretty fast-paced. A fun experience. And I hope the participants found it interesting as well. The room was almost full, so the topic seems interesting at least.

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