EclipseCon 2023 – Day 2

We had the Jakarta EE Office Hours on the second day of EclipseCon 2023. The concept of office hours is to let attendees ask questions directly to the Eclipse Foundation staff involved in a particular area during scheduled slots. Since it is during sessions, it wasn’t exactly hectic. I had more conversations about Jakarta EE during the regular hallway track. But it is a great concept, so we will likely repeat it next year.

The Eclipse Foundation Architecture Council had a face-to-face meeting. The topic this year was the generation of SBOMs. An outcome of this discussion was that I have now created a pull request to add SBOM-generation in the parent pom.xml for all the Jakarta EE specifications and EE4J implementation projects. This means that the upcoming Jakarta EE 11 release will be delivering SBOMs for the released artifacts.,

In the evening, we had the Committer Recognition Reception, where the committers to the Eclipse Foundation projects were celebrated and could receive their committer gift. This year, it is a nice pocket knife. Luckily, there was an option to get it sent home by mail since knives and airport security usually don’t mix well…

Six early risers joined for the EclipseCon Community Run on the second day. We quickly split into two groups, hence two photos. It was a pretty cold morning, so the Jakarta EE branded buffs (neckwarmers) came in handy.

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