Hashtag Jakarta EE #209

Welcome to issue number two hundred and nine of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

On the last day of the year, it is time to look back and forward. Last week, I looked back on conferences and events I participated in during 2023. The plans for 2024 are forming, so make sure you check out my Developer Advocate page on the Jakarta EE website for an updated list.

One thing I am certain will happen in 2024 is the release of Jakarta EE 11. According to the release plan, it should arrive before summer. Follow the mailing lists and announcements to stay up-to-date on the progress.

The ubiquitous topic of 2023 was AI, and you don’t have to be a wizard to predict that this will continue in 2024. Is it time to start thinking of specifying something around this? I would really like to see some efforts around this in Jakarta EE. Could a Jakarta AI specification be a reality?

Another area I hope to see some activity around in 2024 is how to make technologies such as CRaC and InstantOn first-class citizens of Jakarta EE. Maybe some initiative around turning the org.crac API into a Jakarta EE specification? Did anyone say Jakarta CRaC? Faster startup times will still be important in the years to come, so why not?

Last, but not least, the evolution of the existing specifications will continue in 2024 along with the Jakarta EE Platform, Jakarta EE Web Profile, and Jakarta EE Core Profile. Jakarta NoSQL 1.0 is very close to delivering a final release. Jakarta RPC will hopefully start picking up the pace after a rather slow start. Will there be any new profiles, or should we gradually abandon the profiles and move towards another way of grouping specifications?

There are probably lots of other topics that will pop up on the agenda. The only thing certain about these prediction posts is that there will most likely be something coming that nobody could anticipate. And on that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and see you in 2024!

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