Hashtag Jakarta EE #212

Welcome to issue number two hundred and twelve of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

As I mentioned in last week’s Hashtag Jakarta EE, there has been a change to the targeted Java version for Jakarta EE 11. In addition to supporting Java 21, the Jakarta EE Platform project is also planning to support Java 17 with Jakarta EE 11. While this may seem like a significant change, it turns out that it isn’t that dramatic. None of the component specifications were actually planning on exposing any Java 21 features in their APIs. The only one close to it was Jakarta Concurrency 3.1, with the planned support for Java Virtual Threads. But it turns out that careful API design allows for support if the underlying JVM supports it.

The biggest change is for the Test Compatibility Kit (TCK), which must be able to run on both Java 17 and Java 21. The implementations that had moved their code base to Java 21 are also affected to some degree depending on how far they have gotten and how many Java 17+ features they have started using.

To accommodate for the extra work involved, the Jakarta EE Project has adjusted the dates for milestones in the release plan. The goal of delivering Jakarta EE 11 in June/July 2024 still stands.

It’s been more than a month since I was at the airport. But that is about to change in a couple of days. I will participate in the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Java Community Process (JCP) in Mountain View on Thursday, January 25. After that, I will speak at three Java User Groups in three days. First up is Nashville JUG on Monday, January 29 followed by Seattle JUG on Tuesday, January 30, and Portland JUG on Wednesday, January 31. In addition to talking, The JCP anniversary will be properly celebrated in all the JUGs. Heather VanCura will join me in Seattle and Portland.

Jan 25: JCP 25-year Anniversary Celebration
Jan 29: Nashville JUG
Jan 30: Seattle JUG
Jan 31: Portland JUG (event soon to be published)

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