Belgian JUG 2024

It was a great evening with the Belgian JUG in Hasselt yesterday, the first time in the Limburg area! The BeJUG tours different cities and regions in Belgium with an even every month. This is a great concept as it unites the Java communities in the different cities that works especially well in Belgium where each corner of the country is reachable within a couple of hours.

You can’t visit Belgium without having fries. This time they had food truck serving fries outside before the talks. First up was Simon Verhoeven who did a walkthrough of the new features in Java 22. Very well timed since Java 22 was released yesterday.

I upgraded in the hotel before heading to the event since I like to always be on the latest version. As expected, Jakarta EE 11 works fine on Java 22! I have done the talk Prepare for Jakarta EE 11 – Performance and Developer Productivity a couple of times now, but never exactly the same as I keep the slides and content aligned with the progress of the release.

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