Hashtag Jakarta EE #101

Welcome to issue number one hundred and one of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

There is an interesting discussion around Java SE 17 support in Jakarta EE going on the Jakarta EE Community mailing list. As you probably are aware, the upcoming Jakarta EE 10 release will raise the API source- and binary levels to Java SE 11. Does this mean that Jakarta EE doesn’t support Java SE 17?

Absolutely NOT! The key is the + in TCK run with: Java SE 11+ in the image below.

There are already several compatible implementations certified with Java SE 17 for Jakarta EE 9.1. And I would say it is a pretty safe bet that all of these, as well as others, will be certified on Java SE 17 for Jakarta EE 10 as well. So it is safe to say that Jakarta EE supports Java SE 17, even if the APIs aren’t incorporating any language features introduced after Java SE 11.

When we look beyond Jakarta EE 10, the plan is to raise the baseline to Java SE 17. So here is a question for the community: Which language features available in Java SE 17 make sense to build into the APIs, and for which specification?

Next week is all about JakartaOne Livestream. Join us there to learn more about Jakarta EE and much more from an amazing lineup of speakers. Tanja and I will also host Studio Jakarta EE between the sessions with lots of interesting content you don’t want to miss!

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