Jakarta EE Social Run – Red Rock Canyon

Early Sunday morning, a small group of developers got in a car and headed for the Red Rock Canyon. After navigating through the mazes of casinos on the Strip, they made it there.

Among the five, there were three runners, Mattias, Rustam, and Ivar (myself if you were in doubt). The rest of the group was Gerrit and Mads who took care of the photography. They also took care of the car keys, so at least they would make it to JavaOne if the rest of us got lost in the desert…

After a 3.2km warmup run, we decided to go for Turtlehead Peak. 3.7km and an elevation gain of 800m should be within our capacity.

The three of us set off for the summit.

Shortly after, we were down to two. And after a while the two in front also got separated. So we ended up being three hikers, as it turned out to be a little to steep to run uphill, finding our own pace to reach the top.

All three of us, wearing our nice, blue Jakarta EE runner’s shirts, made it to the top and back down again.

Including the warmup run, a total of ~10km and 800m elevation.

The runners before starting, all wearing the beautiful, blue Jakarta EE runners shirts.
Selfies are essential even when running, as Mattias and Rustam demonstrate here.
To be fair, they started running shortly after the photo moment. And kept going!
Ivar at Turtlehead Peak
Mattias at Turtlehead Peak
Rustam at Turtlehead Peak
Sharing war stories after the decent
Red Rocks
More Red Rocks
Even more Red Rocks
Why Turtlehead?
The Turtlehead Trailhead seen from Turtlehead Peak

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