Hashtag Jakarta EE #171

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventy-one of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

I just came home from Devnexus where I had a great time as you can read about in Devnexus 2023. Next week, I am going to Singapore for the first face-to-face meeting in the Java Community Process Executive Committee since September 2019. As usual, there are several activities planned in addition to the actual meeting. Among those, I will speak at the Java Heroes Conference 2023 organized by the Singapore JUG.

The Monthly Jakarta EE Platform Architecture Call happened this week. We talked about which specifications could be candidates to add to Jakarta EE 11. One of the most likely candidates is Jakarta Data. The plan review for Jakarta Data 1.0 was approved by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee last week, so it looks promising. For this, and other topics related to Jakarta EE 11, please take a look at the issues labeled EE11 in the Jakarta EE Platform Issue Tracker.

If you haven’t responded to the 2023 Jakarta EE Developer Survey yet, it is still open and will be until May 25. There is no need to wait, take a couple of minutes and provide your valuable insights.

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