GOTO Amsterdam 2023

GOTO Amsterdam 2023 was a really great experience! It was my first time speaking at a GOTO conference. In addition to Amsterdam, the GOTO conferences are organized in Chicago, Aarhus, and Copenhagen.

The venue, Beurs van Berlage is absolutely stunning. And the food is in the top tier of conference food. Usually, not a very hard list to climb on, but GOTO Amsterdam is definitely among the best.

My talk about Jakarta EE 10 with an additional demo of how to cope with the javax.* to jakarta.* namespace change in Spring was well attended. Check out the slides here.

As always when I go to conferences, I bring my running shoes and invite everyone to join me for a morning run. This time was no exception. Holly and I did a 5K run along the streets of Amsterdam in the light drizzling rain. Holly forgot her socks, so luckily I brought her a pair.

With inspiration and training from Alina, I am becoming quite the Instagrammer. Check out the story from GOTO Amsterdam 2023.

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