Hashtag Jakarta EE #185

Welcome to issue number one hundred and eighty-five of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Here is the weekly update on the current status of plan reviews for specifications targeting Jakarta EE 11. (Snapshot from Sunday, July 16, 2023):

Plan Approved
Jakarta Authentication 3.1
Jakarta Authorization 3.0
Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Data 1.0
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
Jakarta Faces 5.0
Jakarta Interceptors 2.2
Jakarta MVC 3.0
Jakarta NoSQL 1.0

Jakarta Pages 4.0
Jakarta Persistence 3.2
Jakarta RESTful Web Services 4.0
Jakarta WebSocket 2.2

Under Review

Ready for Review
Jakarta Concurrency 3.1 (PR)
Jakarta Security 4.0 (PR)
Jakarta Servlet 6.1 (PR)

Jakarta Annotations 3.0
Jakarta Bean Validation 3.1 or 4.0
Jakarta EE Platform 11
Jakarta EE Web Profile 11
Jakarta EE Core Profile 11

So far, thirteen plans have been approved, there are no ongoing reviews at the moment, three are ready for plan reviews, and we’re still waiting for Jakarta Annotations and Jakarta Bean Validation to submit their plans. I have also added Jakarta EE Platform, Jakarta EE Web Profile, and Jakarta EE Core Profile to the ones that will go through their plan reviews shortly.

Summer is upon us, and many of you may have time to catch up on learning before signing off for vacation. Why not complete the overview course of Jakarta EE on LinkedIn Learning and add the Jakarta EE skill to your LinkedIn profile?

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