North America JUG Tour 2023 – It’s a Wrap!

This was great fun! Five JUGs in five different cities in five days. Organizing such a trip takes a great deal of planning and coordination. Hats off to Gerrit for pulling that off! The JUGs we visited were:

Central Ohio JUG
Garden State JUG
Detroit JUG
Omaha JUG
Montreal JUG

Including IBM TechXchange in Las Vegas and the JCP EC meeting in New York, the short version of my itinerary looks like this:

CPH ✈️ EWR ✈️ LAS ✈️ EWR ✈️ CMH ✈️ EWR ✈️ DTW ✈️ ORD ✈️ OMA ✈️ ORD ✈️ YUL ✈️ EWR ✈️ CPH

Even with a quite busy travel schedule, I managed to get in a run or at least a walk in each city we visited. Check out the photos below. Most of them are tagged with #runWithJakartaEE on social media as well.

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