J-Fall 2023

J-FALL is the biggest Java conference in the Netherlands. The 2023 edition was the 20th edition and had 1800 attendees registered. It is impressive for a one-day conference! The conference is organized by NLJUG (Nederlandse Java User Group) and is free for members of the JUG.

The venue for the conference is Pathé Ede, which is a cinema complex situated in Ede, about an hour’s train ride from Amsterdam. The speaker lineup was impressive, as always, covering a wide range of topics.

My talk was titled Prepare for Jakarta EE 11. As the title indicates, it is an overview of what’s coming in Jakarta EE 11. I also gave a demo of Jakarta Data, the newest addition to Jakarta EE.

In addition to my talk, the hallway track, and participation in the Foojay Podcast, I also met David and Ron who have written a book on how to migrate from an earlier version of Java EE/Jakarta EE to Jakarta EE 10. The book is called Cloud-Native Development and Migration to Jakarta EE and is available from a bookstore near you.

J-FALL is one of my favorite conferences, and this was my fourth consecutive time speaking there. It is such a great community around it. Hopefully, I will be back next year and many more years to come…

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