Hashtag Jakarta EE #214

Welcome to issue number two hundred and fourteen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

I arrived back home from my January JUG Tour with visits to the JCP 25-Year Anniversary Party, Nashville JUG, Seattle JUG, and Portland JUG yesterday. But no rest for the brave. Already tomorrow, I am traveling to Stockholm for Jfokus 2024.

My talk is scheduled for Tuesday at 16:00 and is titled Prepare for Jakarta EE 11 with the subtitle Performance and Developer Productivity. In this talk, I give an update on what to expect from Jakarta EE 11 with demos of some of the features that are ready, or near to ready.

Talking about Jakarta EE 11, the Jakarta EE Platform project has decided to support Java SE 17 in addition to Java SE 21. This will allow for more adoption, especially for the compatible implementations of the individual component specifications. At the same time, vendors that have started working on their implementation based on Java SE 21 will be able to continue that journey. There is no requirement that they must certify their products on Java SE 17 in addition to Java SE 21.

If you want to learn more about this, come to my talk at Jfokus on Tuesday!

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