Hashtag Jakarta EE #219

Welcome to issue number two hundred and nineteen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

After intense deliberations and discussions, it is now settled that Jakarta RESTful Web Services will release a 4.0 release that will be part of Jakarta EE 11. The vote for the revised plan is still going on in the Jakarta EE Specification Committee, but with 7 +1s so far it will pass its review no matter what the remaining three votes are.

All specifications expected to be ready for Milestone 2 of Jakarta EE 11 met the target. The material for the release reviews is currently being verified by Jakarta EE Specification Committee members before the ballots open for the release reviews.

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Interceptors 2.2
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
Jakarta Annotations 3.0

The schedule for Devnexus 2024 has been published. Check out the amazing lineup here! I also want to point you to the Jakarta EE track in particular. We are repeating the success from last year with an entire track dedicated to Jakarta EE. I hope to see you all there!

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