Hashtag Jakarta EE #218

Welcome to issue number two hundred and eighteen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

We are currently entering the release review stage of Jakarta EE 11. Since we are releasing no less than four milestones of this release, the individual component specifications will be reviewed and released in stages. This is different from previous releases, where the Specification Committee reviewed all specifications in a big chunk. You can check out the progress of the reviews by checking out the pull requests labeled release review in the Specifications GitHub repository.

I have a lot of events coming up in the following months. You can get the full overview at the Developer Advocate pages on the Jakarta EE website. I update the list continuously as responses from CFPs I have submitted abstracts to are sent out.

I appreciate absolutely all conferences I am found worthy of speaking at and I give them all as much buzz as possible in social media and blog posts before, during, and after the event. One of the conferences I am speaking at this year is Spring I/O. I have heard only good things about this conference, and look very much forward to my first appearance as a speaker there with a talk titled Why Spring Matters to Jakarta EE – and Vice Versa.

Here is my follow-up to my post on X last week. I recommend that everyone check out Rodrigo’s Weekend Reading List to keep up-to-date on things going on in the Java Community.

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