Run with Jakarta EE at Devnexus

Devnexus in Atlanta is coming up next week. If you are like me and haven’t packed your bags yet, don’t forget to pack your running shoes!

I can never repeat too often that the best way to start a day at any conference anywhere in the World, is to go for a refreshing morning run. And Devnexus is no exception. Meet me every morning at 06:30 am by the Olympic Rings in Downtown Atlanta and experience the beautiful sunrise while going for a 1K, 2K, 3K, or 5K run. The distance is up to you, the pace is up to you. We are a very accommodating bunch.

I will bring a limited supply of high-quality, Jakarta EE branded running shirts (and yes, I do have women’s sizes as well). Ping me before I pack my bags on Monday morning if you want to make sure I pack one in your size…

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