Devnexus 2024

One notable thing about Devnexus is that you are dragged into a whirlwind of activities and fun from the minute you disembark your plane at the beginning of the week until you board again at the end. It is exhausting, but so much fun!

It all started with the JUG Leaders Summit and the Java Champions Summit on Tuesday followed by two full conference days on Wednesday and Thursday. To top it up at the end, on Friday all speakers were invited to hang out and socialize in a Park with volleyball, football (both the real kind where you kick the ball and the American version with the oval ball), or just hanging out in the sun and talk with fellow community members. Later that evening we went Duckpin bowling. I’ll leave out the details here. It turns out that Java developers are not necessarily great bowlers…but we have fun doing it!

Just as last year, we had a dedicated Jakarta EE track on both days of the conference. I think this is a valuable thing to do for the community. It is good for visibility as it gathers all the content related to Jakarta EE in one room, so it doesn’t drown in the rest of the 13 parallel tracks.

I had the pleasure of opening up the Jakarta EE track with a talk on Wednesday morning directly after the keynote ended. I gave an overview of how to prepare for Jakarta EE 11 and what it means for your productivity as a developer and your applications’ performance.

I promised to go for a morning run every day during the conference and invited everyone awake to join me. It started slightly under par with skipping the Tuesday morning run due to heavy rain, but the rest of the week eager runners met up by the Olympic Rings for a 5K awakening run.

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