JDevSummitIL 2024

I rarely give online talks nowadays after getting an overflow of it during the pandemic. But sometimes, circumstances prevent travel, so online is the only option. That was the case with my talk at JDevSummitIL 2024. With reports of 250 attendees watching the talk, it must be deemed a success even if online talks are not optimal, neither for the speaker nor the audience.

I did the From Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 with Java 2122 and Jakarta EE talk, which has been incredibly popular throughout 2023 and 2024. I guess I will keep submitting it to CFPs as long as it keeps getting accepted to conferences and user groups.

Run with Jakarta EE at Devnexus

Devnexus in Atlanta is coming up next week. If you are like me and haven’t packed your bags yet, don’t forget to pack your running shoes!

I can never repeat too often that the best way to start a day at any conference anywhere in the World, is to go for a refreshing morning run. And Devnexus is no exception. Meet me every morning at 06:30 am by the Olympic Rings in Downtown Atlanta and experience the beautiful sunrise while going for a 1K, 2K, 3K, or 5K run. The distance is up to you, the pace is up to you. We are a very accommodating bunch.

I will bring a limited supply of high-quality, Jakarta EE branded running shirts (and yes, I do have women’s sizes as well). Ping me before I pack my bags on Monday morning if you want to make sure I pack one in your size…

Hashtag Jakarta EE #222

Welcome to issue number two hundred and twenty-two of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

This week I was in Bucharest for Voxxed Days Bucharest 2024. Even with a strike looming over Austrian Airlines, my trip was smooth without disruptions. The release reviews of the Jakarta EE 11 specifications are progressing. The current status of these reviews are:

– Jakarta Expression Language 6.0

In progress:
– Jakarta Annotations 3.0
– Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
– Jakarta Interceptors 2.2
Jakarta Web Socket 2.2

About to start:
– Jakarta Authorization 3.0
Jakarta Persistence 3.2
Jakarta Servlet 6.1
Jakarta Validation 3.1

So far, everything is more or less according to the release plan. The second milestone release (11.0.0-M2) will be made available soon. It turned out that the keys used to sign the release artifacts had expired, so we have to wait until those in charge of renewing them are back to work after the Easter holidays.

Voxxed Days Bucharest 2024

My first visit to Voxxed Days Bucharest was a pleasant experience with great keynotes and three parallel tracks filled with excellent content. With so many great speakers, the hallway track and speaker dinners are like conferences on their own.

I had a packed room for my talk From Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 with Java 22 and Jakarta EE with an engaged audience and good questions after the talk. Check out the slides here.

In between the talks, we could join the sun in the atrium. No better place to write this blog than that. I also had some time for a walk around Bucharest in the nice, warm, sunny weather.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #221

Welcome to issue number two hundred and twenty-one of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The work with Jakarta EE 11 is chugging along, and we are approaching the deadline for component specifications to engage in release reviews to be a part of Milestone 3. Talking about milestones, Jakarta EE 11 Milestone 2 will be available shortly. The reason why it is not available just yet is that we need all component specifications to be released to Maven Central before we can push the button. This will happen as soon as the release reviews have concluded. The current status of these reviews are:

Release Review in progress:
– Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
– Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
– Jakarta Interceptors 2.2

Release Review about to start:
– Jakarta Annotations 3.0

The release review for Jakarta Annotations can start as soon as there is a compatible implementation that passes the TCK on Java 17. Eclipse GlassFish 8.0.0-M3 passes on Java 21. It looks like the next beta release of Open Liberty will include the Jakarta Annotations 3.0 API and be used as a compatible implementation for ratification along with GlassFish.

The 2024 Jakarta EE Developer Survey is open until May 31, 2024, but there is no need to wait. Take a couple of minutes and provide your valuable insights. By completing the survey, you can win a wonderful Jakarta EE T-shirt!

Belgian JUG 2024

It was a great evening with the Belgian JUG in Hasselt yesterday, the first time in the Limburg area! The BeJUG tours different cities and regions in Belgium with an even every month. This is a great concept as it unites the Java communities in the different cities that works especially well in Belgium where each corner of the country is reachable within a couple of hours.

You can’t visit Belgium without having fries. This time they had food truck serving fries outside before the talks. First up was Simon Verhoeven who did a walkthrough of the new features in Java 22. Very well timed since Java 22 was released yesterday.

I upgraded in the hotel before heading to the event since I like to always be on the latest version. As expected, Jakarta EE 11 works fine on Java 22! I have done the talk Prepare for Jakarta EE 11 – Performance and Developer Productivity a couple of times now, but never exactly the same as I keep the slides and content aligned with the progress of the release.

Jakarta EE Developer Survey 2024

The 2024 Jakarta EE Developer Survey is now open! Through this annual survey, we want to gather valuable insights into the needs, priorities, and requirements of the enterprise Java developer community. 

For the past seven years, we have collected insights from thousands of developers around the world that have helped the Jakarta EE Working Group foster an environment that supports the evolution and growth of cloud-native Java technologies.

The survey covers topics such as:
– Programming languages used alongside Java
– Usage patterns and migration plans
– Java applications in the cloud
– Architectural approaches for Java applications in the cloud
– Java frameworks and runtimes for cloud-native applications

In last year’s Jakarta EE Developer Survey, 17% of the respondents indicated that they had made the move to Jakarta EE 10. We are interested to see how this number has grown since then. 

We are also taking a look at which tools developers are using to migrate to Jakarta EE, such as the Apache Tomcat Migration Tool, Eclipse Transformer, and more.

Our community’s feedback is instrumental in guiding the development and improvement of Jakarta EE, ensuring it continues to meet and exceed the expectations of developers and organisations worldwide. Your feedback can lead to enhancements that directly benefit your projects and organisation.

This survey is open to all professionals who work with Java, regardless of their role, industry, or location. That’s why we are once again making the survey available in not just English, but also Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. We encourage everyone from developers to operations managers, architects to C-level executives, to share their insights and experiences. Diverse perspectives will enrich the findings and help tailor Jakarta EE’s evolution to the community’s needs.

Take the 2024 Jakarta EE Developer Survey today!
Open Until: May 31, 2024

We deeply appreciate your time and insights. Together, we can continue to drive the success and innovation of cloud-native Java for enterprises around the globe.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #220

Welcome to issue number two hundred and twenty of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Jakarta EE 11 is entering a new phase with release reviews of the component specifications starting. We will also release a milestone build (Milestone 2) of the Platform, Web Profile, and Core Profile specifications shortly.

Release Review in progress:
Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0

Release Review about to start:
Jakarta Interceptors 2.2
Jakarta Annotations 3.0

It has been a couple of weeks since I last traveled anywhere, but now it starts again. I will speak at the Belgium JUG in Hasselt on Tuesday, March 19. My talk there will be about what to expect from Jakarta EE 11. As usual, there will be a live demo. This time, the demo may be a bit more exciting than usual since I have upgraded to MacOS 14.4 already (see the next section for why). Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting friends in the Belgian Java Community, and hopefully, there will be fries…

Oracle announced yesterday that macOS 14.4 introduced an issue with Java on Apple silicon that can cause Java processes to terminate unexpectedly. Read the full announcement for more details. Since I always keep my system up-to-date and install all updates as soon as they are released, both my MacBooks may have this problem. I haven’t noticed anything yet, and maybe the applications I usually run aren’t affected. I am pretty sure that Apple will provide a fix for this fairly quickly. If you haven’t updated to 14.4 yet, I would wait until that fix is available.

Devnexus will happen in Atlanta April 9-11. This is the premier Java conference in the US and is definitely the place to be at that time. The speaker lineup is amazing, and the schedule is packed with world-class sessions along with social activities. There will also be an entire track dedicated to Jakarta EE as well as the opportunity to attend the Jakarta EE Workshop with Ken Fogel and myself.

Use the promo code DN24-ESF to get a 20% discount on any Devnexus pass.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #219

Welcome to issue number two hundred and nineteen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

After intense deliberations and discussions, it is now settled that Jakarta RESTful Web Services will release a 4.0 release that will be part of Jakarta EE 11. The vote for the revised plan is still going on in the Jakarta EE Specification Committee, but with 7 +1s so far it will pass its review no matter what the remaining three votes are.

All specifications expected to be ready for Milestone 2 of Jakarta EE 11 met the target. The material for the release reviews is currently being verified by Jakarta EE Specification Committee members before the ballots open for the release reviews.

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Interceptors 2.2
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
Jakarta Annotations 3.0

The schedule for Devnexus 2024 has been published. Check out the amazing lineup here! I also want to point you to the Jakarta EE track in particular. We are repeating the success from last year with an entire track dedicated to Jakarta EE. I hope to see you all there!

Hashtag Jakarta EE #218

Welcome to issue number two hundred and eighteen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

We are currently entering the release review stage of Jakarta EE 11. Since we are releasing no less than four milestones of this release, the individual component specifications will be reviewed and released in stages. This is different from previous releases, where the Specification Committee reviewed all specifications in a big chunk. You can check out the progress of the reviews by checking out the pull requests labeled release review in the Specifications GitHub repository.

I have a lot of events coming up in the following months. You can get the full overview at the Developer Advocate pages on the Jakarta EE website. I update the list continuously as responses from CFPs I have submitted abstracts to are sent out.

I appreciate absolutely all conferences I am found worthy of speaking at and I give them all as much buzz as possible in social media and blog posts before, during, and after the event. One of the conferences I am speaking at this year is Spring I/O. I have heard only good things about this conference, and look very much forward to my first appearance as a speaker there with a talk titled Why Spring Matters to Jakarta EE – and Vice Versa.

Here is my follow-up to my post on X last week. I recommend that everyone check out Rodrigo’s Weekend Reading List to keep up-to-date on things going on in the Java Community.