Tooling for Jakarta EE

I am happy to announce the first Studio Jakarta EE LIVE! And what a start! I have the honor of having Dalia Abo Sheasha as my special guest in this session. Dalia works as Developer Advocate at JetBrains, and the topic of this LIVE session is tooling support for Jakarta EE.

Feel free to use the comments section on YouTube to ask questions for Dalia and me. You can start right now and continue until the broadcast ends. Of course, you may even ask questions after, but the chances of getting them answered are much higher during the broadcast.

My plan is to host Studio Jakarta EE LIVE with invited guests regularly. I haven’t decided the cadence yet, so your best option is to follow Studio Jakarta EE on YouTube and bookmark the Studio Jakarta EE LIVE playlist. Also, make sure to follow Jakarta EE and Ivar Grimstad on Twitter.

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