Hashtag Jakarta EE #90

Welcome to the ninetieth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

JDK 17 was released this week. With it, Oracle announced a new site for Java developers called dev.java. Check it out and let them know what you think! Oracle also announced plans for shifting the LTS release cadence from three to two years. This means that the next LTS release from Oracle will be JDK 21. Other vendors may have different approaches, but I don’t think it is a very controversial guess that most will follow suit.

The 2021 Jakarta EE Developer Survey report came out this week as well. If you are subscribing to the Jakarta EE Community mailing list, check your inbox for your copy of the report. Otherwise, use this link to get the report. You may also want to check out Top Trends in the Jakarta EE Developer Survey Results by Mike Milinkovich.

In Hashtag Jakarta EE #88, I mentioned the announcement that Spring 6.0 will be based on Jakarta EE 9. Well, here’s proof that it is on its way. Take a look at this Jakarta EE 9 Migration commit to get a feeling of the implications of the switch from javax.* to jakarta.* namespaces. Thanks to Christian Kaltepoth for pointing me in this direction.

The takeaway is that if a massive framework like Spring can do this, so can you! So don’t let fear of the namespace switch stop you from migrating to newer Jakarta EE releases.

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