Hashtag Jakarta EE #95

Welcome to the ninety-fifth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Next week is the week of EclipseCon 2021.

EclipseCon 2021 is a four-day online conference, and it is 100% free! It is packed with content that should cater to anyone. Check out the schedule for your pick! I’ll focus on the content specific to Jakarta EE here. The conference starts on Monday with the Jakarta EE Community Day.

SessionTime (CET)Speakers
Jakarta EE Community State of the Union15:00 – 15:50Tanja Obradovic, Ivar Grimstad, Will Lyons
MicroProfile Community Current and Future16:00 – 16:50Emily Jiang
What’s Coming to Jakarta Security17:00 – 17:50Arjan Tijms
Jakarta Concurrency Futures18:00 – 18:50Steve Millidge
Jakarta REST: Looking Ahead19:00 – 19:50Andy McCright
Jakarta NoSQL and the Future of Polyglot Persistence in Java20:00 – 20:50Otavio Santana
Jakarta EE Community Day Schedule

The main part of the conference is from Tuesday to Thursday. Take a look at all the talks related to Jakarta EE. Specifically, I would like to point you to my session Jakarta EE 9 and Beyond on Wednesday 27 at 13:50 CET.

The focus of the talk will be the Beyond part. And what comes after 9…? Well, we did deliver a 9.1, actually, but what I am aiming at here is Jakarta EE 10. I will provide a sneak peek into the content of Jakarta EE 10. I will also show different options of how to get from the previous versions to 9, 10, and Beyond. Who knows, maybe I will throw in a demo of how to use Java 17 features with Jakarta EE.

Talking about Java 17, I have the pleasure of going on tour with Simon Ritter. In three days, we will cover the three major Java User Groups in Sweden:

November 16: Malmö
November 17: Gothenburg
November 18: Stockholm

If you are located in any of these cities, do sign up for this event. Looking forward to meeting you there!

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