Hashtag Jakarta EE #96

Welcome to the ninety-sixth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Last week was pretty busy with everything happening at EclipseCon 2021.

The Jakarta EE Community Day on Monday featured a packed schedule full of amazing content with Reza Rahman being the perfect host throughout the day. On Tuesday, I participated in a roundtable discussion where we discussed Java as the ideal language for cloud-native applications, and on Wednesday I had my talk Jakarta EE 9 and Beyond where I put the emphasis on the Beyond part.

This week, I am going on the road, or more precisely put; in the air, or up with the clouds (no pun intended at all 😉 ).

The first part of the week will be spent in London attending and speaking at Devoxx UK. My talk is titled Jakarta EE Core Profile – A Slimmer Jakarta EE and will be on Tuesday at 14:30 GMT. Devoxx UK is a hybrid conference this year, so you will be able to attend virtually if you are unable to make it in person.

After London, I am going to Holland for J-FALL. This year’s conference is back to being on-site. My talk at J-FALL this year is titled Jakarta EE 10 is Coming Your Way!. In this talk, I will give an update of what to expect from Jakarta EE 10.

While I am touring Europe, the work with Jakarta EE 10 continues. There are quite a few specifications expected to start their release reviews by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee this week. If you are involved in any of the Jakarta EE specification projects, please take a look at the Release Review section of the JESP Guide for a simple overview of what is expected according to the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP).

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