Hashtag Jakarta EE #117

Welcome to issue number one hundred and seventeen of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

One specification concluded its release review this week. Jakarta JSON Processing 2.1 joins Jakarta Activation 2.1Jakarta Annotations 2.1,  Jakarta Batch 2.1Jakarta JSON Binding 3.0Jakarta Mail 2.1, and Jakarta SOAP with Attachments 3.0 on the list of specifications that have been approved and are ready for Jakarta EE 10.

The release review for Jakarta Interceptors 2.1 is still going on, and the ballot for this one will be closed the upcoming week.

Jakarta Persistence 3.1Jakarta RESTful Web Services 3.1, Jakarta XML Binding 4.0, and Jakarta XML Web Services 4.0 started their release review this week. The ballots for the release reviews run for 14 days.

In case you missed it, Java 18 was released this week! There are a couple of goodies for developers in this release. My picks are that UTF-8 is now specified as the default charset (JEP 400), and the code snippets in JavaDoc (JEP 413). And why not try out the simple web server (JEP 408) while you’re at it?

After a week at home, I will be going on a Jakarta EE mini-tour with visits to the Java User Groups in Belfast and Dublin. If you’re in the area, make sure to join me there!

March 30, 2022: Belfast JUG
March 31, 2022: Dublin JUG

Oracle announced this week that JavaOne is back! Note that it will be in Las Vegas this year, and not in San Francisco. I guess Duke must find a new street to close off for Duke’s Café (for those not familiar with Duke’s Café, a block of Taylor Street in San Francisco used to be turned into a hang-out space with a bar and stage during previous JavaOne’s).

The Jakarta EE Developer Survey 2022 is still open, and waiting for YOUR input! Check out my previous post about the survey for more motivation for why you should participate.

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