Jfokus 2022

That was Jfokus 2022. As usual, an excellent conference hosted by Mattias and his team!

My talk titled Get Ready for Jakarta EE 10 went well. A couple of hours before the talk, I added a brand new demo of the Java SE Bootstrap feature of Jakarta RESTful Web Services 3.1.

I also did the Jakarta EE 8 to Jakarta EE 9.1 migration demo and decided on stage to take it all the way to Jakarta EE 10 instead. Some unexpected hiccups and surprises with the milestone build of GlassFish I was using, but that is sort of expected of a live demo…

Thanks, Mohammed for the picture and tweet of me on stage during the demo!

On Wednesday morning, we had the first annual Jfokus morning run. I brought Jakarta EE shirts to all attendees as you can see from the picture below. Next Jfokus will probably be at the usual time in February, so I guess I will have to bring something a little warmer than t-shirts then…

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